UKIP: one idea caused this political storm.

Lord Mandleson, EU supporter
UKIP are popular for only one reason: they want out of the EU. Given that idea's popularity you'd think the political class would be anxious to adopt it for themselves and so lance the UKIP boil once and for all. However, that is not the case, and none of the big political names in the UK seriously oppose European integration. In fact you don't have to be overly paranoid to see that there is a deep cross-party organised EU-phile ring operating at the heart of Her Majesty's Government.

In this context the huge media storm surrounding one of UKIP's local councillors, who has peculiar beliefs regarding gay marriage and the weather, is irrelevant because it doesn't alter or challenge the popularity of the idea itself. It's known as an attack ad hominem "in which a claim or argument is rejected on the basis of some irrelevant fact about the author of, or the person presenting it".

That the political elite, and their favourite commentators, are making so much of Councillor David Silvester from Henley-on-Thames's absurd opinions speaks to the fact they've learned to ignore the EU debate. Some appear to have hypnotised themselves into thinking it's off limits because "racism" and "right wing". This despite the fact there's no clear racial division between mainland Europe and the UK, or any obvious link between the centralisation of Government and being either "right" or "left" wing.

I recently read an article by Will Black which made a brilliant anaology between the sign language dished out at Mandella's funeral and the BBC's news agenda of 2013. In it he describes their coverage of events in the UK as being alike to the signing of troubled schizophrenic, Thamsanqa Jantjie, in that it bore no relation to the reality of what is happening whatsoever.

In my opinion the same is true regarding debate about the EU, much of it is irrelevant. However, although I accept some people are genuinely confused, others, mainly the politicians themselves, I strongly suspect are being deliberately deceitful. They are doing this because the EU offers genuine benefits, to them. Would-be "President of The United States of Europe" Mr Tony Blair is a good example. As is Gordon "bigoted woman" Brown. Their term in Her Majesty's Government did more to cover up the issue than any previously. Now though we have two political parties in power who promised to address the debate while in opposition.

It's a curious version of democracy we have in Merry Old England. Although both Blair and Brown were leaders of the "left wing" Labour Party their attitude to Europe is now precisely mirrored by their two main political rivals. The Tories and their snivelling "cast Iron guarantee" of a referendum on the matter made before they were elected has not transpired. It's not widely known but the Lib Dems also committed to a referendum as well, which has subsequently been forgotten about, like most of their policy pledges. So, there we have it, both sides of our coalition Government who are now technically in power agreed to the idea of a vote and debate on the EU but instead have had second thoughts before forming Her Majesty's Government.

I presume the advantages of supporting the EU were explained to them in private before they were allowed to take office. They might as well have been because I never hear them made publicly. I just see politicians who vacuously declare "it's good for Britain" before they line their pockets with multi-million pound careers in international diplomacy: Lord and Lady Kinnock are good examples of the form

That this issue is not up for debate via the three main political parties is emphasised by the recently announced alliance of Ken Clarke (Tory), Danny Alexander (Lib Dem) and Lord Mandelson (Labour) for an EU PR war fight back. Many believe Her Majesty's Government intend only to call a referendum on the issue once we've been seen to be marinated in pro-EU propaganda over the next few years. I'm just curious to hear exactly what their positive message will be, other than telling us what morons we are for not supporting them.

Nick Margerrison


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