My #BBCQT Twitter absence explained...

My reviews of Question Time have been put on hold while I write the book. Early versions of it have been shown to some people now and I honestly think people who dig the blog and the podcast will genuinely love it. Time will tell. There's a much stronger focus on "the occult" than politics though so the #BBCQT crowd might not be fans of it.

This is my favourite moment over the last year or so of Question Time, it's unlikely to be as good tonight, maybe it will be. I'm glad there are a number of tweeters who keep pushing some of my lines into the widely attended debate that occurs during the programme. If you're one of them, keep up the good work!

I reviewed the above moment here at the time:

I love that someone has posted it up, aside from the emigrate bit I agree with almost every word he says

Three quick points:

  • It's often hard for some people to understand that this does not mean I agree with everything he's ever said or done ever.
  • It's also tricky for some people to get beyond the social pressure to HATE the Daily Mail, a paper which Hitchens is a columnist in.
  • It's a barrier for others to get beyond the posh accent, social class is becoming more and more important to people these days but I personally see it only as a tool of oppression and have decided to ignore it.


What I love is the words he's using, he calls out the observable fact that we are run by a political class.

What's great is that the internet is exposing this reality more and more nowadays, it's a cushy arrangement that simply won't be able to carry on in the long run.

Democracy is rising!

Nick Margerrison


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