THE CULT OF NICK: will be out on the 8th Feb

The podcast is late!

Delays to the uploading process this time round. It's made, it's done, it's finished, it's ace as usual. It's just not going to appear online until the 8th of Feb.

I've been uploading some whoppers recently and my allocated server space is limited. Broken that limit innit?

So, talk among yourselves for now...

Feel free to click on that giant grey button and you can uncover them all. I bet you've not heard them all yet. You're probably one of the new listeners we got in recently. I care about you, slightly less than I do the others. Yeah, that's right, suck it up. The hardcore who dived straight in there, that's who this podcast is for. You need to earn your stripes.

I'll like you in a year or so, yeah?



HaydnBolt said… please check this out MIND BATTERING
Anonymous said…
I had been wondering where your upload had gone.. I've listened to them all btw... Hard core!!!! I'm with you all the way to the next dimension..

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