095 Native Americans and more rambling

I'm quite enjoying putting these monologues together. However I'm worried the podcast is getting a little straight so next week's is probably going to be hugely edited and mucked about with.


Christopher O'Brien has a website here.

My Twitter is here.

Zero Friends Recordings is here.

Here's the YouTube video I mention: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A2nklduvThs

Check out this episode!


Anonymous said…
I enjoy the podcast as it is.
I wish there was more, but I'm American and we always want more whether we need it or not.

I'd like it if you were live, with guests and a call in line at least occasionally.

grant said…
love the podcast, the longer duration the better. If you could ask Mr Shayler whether the messiah complex is helping keep him safe as it is a simple means to discredit him?

P.S. I got see you next Tuesday immediately as a guy i used to work with said it to the boss every night for years before he was rumbled. I am finding your instruction (essays...) appears to be working for me and I am quite pleased to say the least.

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