096 David Shayler new interview for 2014

David Shayler is a man who used to work for MI5 but now claims he's Jesus. This interview gets right into the heart of his ideas.

There are a few areas we cover that are potentially upsetting, listener discretion is advised.

Nick M

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Anonymous said…
This is a belter of an episode.

Shayler is such an intriguing character; despite his claims to be Jesus Christ, it's difficult to write him off because of his very credible background.

If I take his son of God sticht out of the equation, he speaks a lot of interesting theories and basic human truths.

His eccentricity and the fact he is able to speak it freely restore my faith, just a little bit, in British society.

Now where did he say his caravan was? I want to treat him to a fresh bottle of calor gas.

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