097 Pandora Spocks and the non rational conversation...

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This podcast feels less craft and more art. That's what I wanted.

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Theo Chalmers said…
Nick at 35 mins it switches from the interview with Pandora to some unknown male. I hope you are well. Cheers, theo
Hi Theo! For those who are unaware Theo was one of the main presenters for Edge Media TV!

The edit is deliberate. Agent Spocks is supposed to be undercover, she was starting to break. We wrapped there.

I love how regular cult listeners have gotten used to my unusual cuts and edits.
Potla said…
Hello Nick
This is one of your best podcasts. It delves into areas that really interest me. I too was highly influenced by the Zeitgeist movie a few years ago, along with your show on Kerrang. At the beginning I too started to find out all of this weird and wonderful information that didn’t make sense. I started to believe everything, from the Iluminati controlling the world, alien contact, conspiracy theories and the like.

Over time, as all of this information processed I too started to see the problems with trying to say yes or no to any idea. There never seems to be enough information, or any way to validate the hundreds of views that contradict each other when it comes down to this esoteric stuff. But it continues to fascinate me in every sense possible. The more nonsensical the information, the more intrigued I am to discover it.

I feel that as this journey has taken place, I have developed to be more fascinated by the IDEAS of others and how THEY perceive things in their reality. The people of the world continue to stun and amaze me with their perceptions, and how they see the world. And each time I read, and I listen and I speak to people - I feel like I am absorbing parts of their reality, and blending sections of it with my own. And everything just gets more interesting, as I watch people’s faces, observing as their unique blend of cogs turn and process.

And this is why the cult of Nick is great, and why I loved this particular episode. Because I get to listen to the perceptions and ideas of a man who has had years of thought gone into these areas, which have been fermented, and matured into very clear concepts that seem to fit together easily like a jigsaw puzzle, and are MOSTLY absorbed by my consciousness the more I listen to.

The Cult of Nick has been fountain of invaluable ideas, and really aids in this journey of thoughts and realities.

I know I have gone on a bit here, but I write this not to flatter. But to give you and this podcast, my sincerest praise and feedback, as it has given me a positive perspective of people and reality. And I am sure it has had the same effect on all of the other listeners. I hope this podcast continues to grow and continue for a very long time, and I look forward to your book immensely.

All the best

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