098 ETs, psychics and life after death

The donate button has a fixed limit of £1. The principle in my head is that I reckon this podcast is worth a quid, for a year. If I were charging for subscriptions that's what I'd value it at.

Thanks to those who have contributed with Bitcoins in the past, my wallet is still on the main site: www.thecultofnick.co.uk


This podcast features contributions from:

Art Campbell, his incredible claims are detailed here.

Brian O'Leary, who is profiled by Wikipedia here.

Ian Lawton's excellent website is here.

And finally William Little has a Guardian profile here.


Here's the article I talked about http://disinfo.com/2014/03/mazes-monsters-charlatans-satan-suicide-short-history-satanic-panic/

Both The BBC and The Independent seem to have been inspired by it, it's a good article. More on that here: http://disinfo.com/2014/04/satanic-panic-history-lessons-continue-bbc-io9/

The similarities could be a coincidence, or it could be a straight lift.

The interesting thing about the Disinfo website is how influencial it is. I write there occasionally. Go have a look!

Check out this episode!


Paul Walker said…
Are you going to put the recording of your regression into a podcast?

Love the #CultofNick


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