099 The Cult Of Nick, ghosts and firsts

Overwhelmed by the donations! This was a tricky podcast to record. I kept feeling all excited and nervous about the fact people have stepped up to the plate and popped money in the tin.


Trevor Homer is the first guest, he hated the fact I put him on the spot like that I think but went with it anyway. It's one of my favourite interviews because of the quality of his answers combined with the uncomfortable atmosphere as the poor guy has to live up to a claim I invented, namely that he knows how everything started. His website is here.

Jeff Belanger is our guest on the "supernatural". His website is here. Great guest, like Trevor I would welcome him back anytime.


Music on the podcast from www.zerofriendsrecordings.co.uk

My Twitter is here.

Check out this episode!


Dave Voce said…
Hi Nick

I haven't listened to this episode as i'm too busy trawling through all the old podcasts. I love your perspective, it's made me reassess a lot of my preconceived ideas, cheers.

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