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Given that it's my religion, Discordianism is a constant theme on The C.O.N.

Recently I went along to an event in Liverpool, which I blogged about here: http://disinfo.com/2014/02/092-cult-nick-gunnar-hansen-pulling-cosmic-trigger/

The host of the event was, Daisy Eris Campbell, also a Discordian. She features on this week's podcast with her story.

She's putting together a stage adaption of one of my favourite books of all time, Cosmic Trigger. What I've seen so far was nothing short of spectacular. I feel as excited as I did when I went to see the original Judge Dredd film. However I expect to enjoy it as much as I did the recent re-boot* while experiencing non of the dissapointment which came from Stallone's half arsed cock up.

Her website is here: http://cosmictriggerplay.com/

As I predicted Eris Discordia "is" rising and by listening to this podcast, you're part of it.


Nick Margerrison.


Twitter: www.twitter.com/nickmargerrison

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*When are they gonna make a Dredd sequel?

Check out this episode!


Gregg Janman said…
Cheers for this Nick, looking forward to listening soon. BTW I recognise your name from URE, I was at Essex 95-98 studying Philosophy, and pretty sure we had mutual friends, and you may have even shown me how to use the radio studio there! I had a late Saturday night show there 96-97 I think.
Sense of it All said…
Hi Nick,
This will be in two parts as the comment box is saying it's too many characters (it's under)...just....

Really enjoyed this interview with Daisy Eris & ideas about sacred numbers which have appeared for me throughout my life. I'd like to share with you my own “strangeities” which have occurred, in actual fact in relation to this podcast.

It begins with podcast no. 99. I get the screen up & read the bit about you being excited...and I feel it too, well I am a little empathic & I had thrown my humble pound into the tin so it was kinda excited, feeling I was part of something......but it was a bit more than that.....something told me there is something personal, if you like, for me on the podcast. Then out of the blue you mentioned my name. Nothing so strange there you might think.....the excitement I felt was just about being part of the idea......until......

podcast no. 100. Feeling that same excitement & again a knowing that there is something personal for me on the podcast, along with a certainty it would be later on in the recording. Later in the podcast you began to thank some more people for their contribution & then a distant voice in my head says – your names coming up....and I'm thinking (with my left brain...no) and there it was again (you'd forgotten you'd mentioned me previously).

This isn't the first time I've had this sense of knowing but what intrigues me is that this appears to be working through technology & so I'm on a quest to find out what it is....how it is....that I “know”
(through technology). So I'm thinking.....could it be that
I've sensed it through my fingertips from the screen as an imprint (just as we choose library books – we do all do this don't we?) ha ha....
or was it a sound resonance of my name that I picked up on somehow?
or did I hear it as a result of some kind of future vision (but in sound)....looks up.....Clairaudience?
or was it some kind of telepathy?
Of course any other suggestions welcome (be nice please)

My thoughts at the moment are with telepathy and so I wondered

part two coming up
Sense of it All said…
part 2.....
…....if you and your listeners would like to indulge in a little fun experiment to see if this is possible.

I did try this with my friend who lives in Spain, but hey, Spain is a long way off and we might not have got the experiment right as yet. I thought it would be a good idea to think of a song because it will involve resonance/sound waves which will be transmitted through the atmosphere. I thought of a tune which had a lot of imagery with it in case the answer came through to my friend in a visual form instead of her hearing the song. I chose Space Oddity and the line “so here am I sitting in a tin can” and went about singing the line out loud at various points in the week to see if she would pick up on it. Well.......
Nope.....it didn't work. But there could be a million reasons why it didn't.

So I'm thinking we of the cult must be on the same wavelength, even if we don't all agree with everything (a prerequisite), we've got to be on the same station. After all, our brains emit frequencies so I'm thinking our brains must be like some kind of radio transmitter. So how about we try the song experiment for one week and see what happens? We could choose a line from a song – something with a lot of imagery in and perhaps something that's not too obscure for our first trial. We would sing the line out loud whilst sending a “telepathic text” to the cult, perhaps with a preample of “allrighty then” to tune ourselves in. It's all about intention too so really give it a good “send” with your mind.

So we would just need to figure out how to check notes on this?

My saboteur is pushing in now.....
I'm so nervous about how this will be received & biting my fingernails....have been struggling with the idea of whether to send this. If you think this is a crap idea.......let's pretend I never said a thing. Please don't print it or repeat my name with it (it'll just be for your eyes only). I don't want my embarrassment to be tied to me for evermore....
I'm leaving Town

Blessings Nick

a nearly Anonymous Cultist
Anonymous said…
Unknown to each other half-step brothers finding themselves on the same Hawaii beach. The lone one offered to take a family photo for the other. Some chit chat, who ya know back home...(lived within townships) ONLY, as leaving, does the departing one ask the other, Mr. so and So, did he know their mutual father.
I came here via Tom Jackson's blog. Hi Nick. You obviously think highly of RAW. I do also. Inter connectivity is inherent? Maybe. You can tune in to anything, given confidence, and intuition. These are inherent in all, but masked by fear. You all know this much more deeply than me, intellectually, as I can plainly read.
Anecdotes are for Kings and Popes, but data rules democracy. SOCIAL Media, what sort of strange Augery can it hold for thee? Don't forsake science&religion to become some John Frum Cargopant & Touchscreen wafereating, malthusian Cult. RAW, and Cashin Delaney were in Ireland at the same time. Delaney was in county Antrim though, so, ...did RAW spend much time in England? What's with the get naked for the Queen-sanctioned play, and the Crowley-oldeGaffer connection? I've never seen this play, but I have read the book. Think of any of you podcasts that might interest me, please recommend.

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