101 Ammach - The Alien Abduction Hotline

Joanne Summerscales is the woman who runs AMMACH, the Anomalous Mind Management, Abductee, Contactee, Helpline. Their website is here.

Joanne speaks about a conference she's organising. The webspace for which is here.

It's Jonanne's second appearance on the podcast, last time round we had a great response to her. Go on YouTube and look for some of their videos, well worth it. Search term AMMACH.

The music is from our friends at www.zerofriendsrecordings.co.uk

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As I mention in the podcast I've suddenly become very busy. This is because I am now producing The Jon Gaunt Show on FUBAR Radio. His style is abrasive and his politics are "right wing". I don't agree with everything he says, although I feel such a qualification to my podcast audience is unnecessary, it's worth pointing out should any new listeners become confused.

Tune in to hear him advocate his points of view, don't expect to hear mine. I might add the odd word but it's unlikely I'll feature much at all. He's very good at what he does and I passionately believe the UK is a poorer place without a talk radio scene. If I can help get something off the ground with him it'll be for the benefit of everyone who likes words and ideas.

I am not counting on the support of "The Cult" but I will appreciate it if it's there.


Nick M

Check out this episode!


Albert Lenowicz said…

I am a lapsed cult member and have chosen to make penance by donating. By the grace of our Lady of Discordia and your forgiveness may I return to the blessed state of ontological anarchy.

Your mostly loyal follower,
Anonymous said…
Hi Nick!

I am a full cult member and this is the first time I've felt the need to contact you. Love the podcast, but have to take massive issue with the claims of your guest this week that dowsing is commonly used in mainstream archaeology. I am an archaeologist and have never heard of the 'archaeological stains' system. Having done some research into this via the website quoted on the show it appears to bear no resemblance to the archaeological method.

Just thought I'd give you the perspective of someone who knows the field.

Electric Toast said…
Fascinating interview with Joanne Summerscales. I too was listening very hard when she spoke about resonant imprints or words to that effect but this was never fully identified, I;m wondering if it is like morphic resonances, Rupert Sheldrake. I like to keep an open mind on the UFO issue, after all, I wasn't there but there definitely seems to be some connection with electromagnetic fields. This is explored fully in a book called "Electric UFOs" by Albert Budden where he attributes the whole UFO abduction to emf affect on the brain. It's worth reading if you are into UFOs. Interestingly your guest says organite keeps the abductions away & organite is well known to nullify electromagnetic fields. Perhaps when you interview her again you could raise this connection. Also Joanne mentions the call for Tesla's research to be released like so many in the movement of our times, but people don't realise the effects his inventions had on Tesla himself. See my blog for more information.
Great podcast Nick many thanks
Anonymous said…

You are very much missed on a certain talk radio station.

Also, Joanne Summerscales is kind of a babe.

Please can you get Simon Parkes on.
Potla said…
What an awesome episode. 'Nuff said.


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