102 Jonathan Cainer on the new age and cosmic ordering

I saw Jonathan Cainer giving a talk about the new age, or "The Age of Aquarius". I was spellbound. I'm delighted he had time for the podcast, I think this is a really interesting little chat around the topic. If you get the chance to see him when he tours do take it.

A lot of messages and feedback on this week's podcast. If you're reading this blurb on one of the websites that have started doing re-posts the main site is www.margerrisons.blogspot.com

I always assume messages there are for publication.

Then there's Twitter: www.twitter.com/nickmargerrison

And of course the music comes from ZeroFriendsRecordings.co.uk

If you're one of the musicians who occasionally sends me stuff have a listen to his material, that's the "house style" so to speak.

Nick Margerrison - All Hail Discordia!



This is the first listener funded podcast! The money ran out, I transfered £23 from the donations pot, and we're back online again.


I have deep issues around this subject. I've written this little blurb a few times now. Each time I've highlighted the reams of sincerely written but over indulgent text and pressed delete. This is all that's left.

The media establishment is a closed door to me really. I've been told I'm too "controversial" for the BBC to hire. Furthermore the fact I ideologically oppose their flat rate poll tax funding model, doesn't help. The commercial radio world in the UK, where I currently earn a coin, only has one news talk station, and I don't work there anymore. That I have an outlet for talk radio, here in this podcast, is something I will be forever grateful to you for.


The two podcasts I mention are here: The Psychedelic Salon and The Unexplained

Check out this episode!


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