103 Mixed martial arts, alien mindray hats and having an ear on your arm

Michael Bisping was a good friend of the old Kerrang Show. It's odd to me that "The Night Before" seems to have anticipated many aspects of the subculture this podcast now serves. His area is mixed martial arts, he's an awesome athlete. Why this area is connected to esotericism is a mystery to most but I wrote an article on the topic for Disinfo here. Bisping's personal website is here.

Michael Menkin makes alien mind ray hats. His work is featured here.

Stellarc continues to astound and amaze the world. His website is here and, as is fitting with his work, it's nice and quirky.


Music, as always, from the remarkable www.zerofriendsrecordings.co.uk

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Electric Toast said…
Hey Nick, Lovin' the podcast. What a crazy collection, ears on arms and mind-ray protection hats....I was laughing along especially where you're jibing Michael Menkin about the lost hat...ooh sorry the stolen hat, stolen by aliens was it? But then it suddenly dawned on me as I'm laughing along, that this kind of ridicule is the same kind that I experience as a person who has become electrosensitive. In strong WIFI areas/near mobiles I have to wear shielding on my head – no, not an alien mind-ray hat but an emf shielded hat, one to stop my cranial nerves from becoming hyperstimulated by microwave pulses, otherwise I'll often suffer head spasms, nerve tingling/tinnitus, lose my ability to think straight. For many people the concept of being affected by microwave signal pulses is totally incomprehensible even laughable and therefore I am seen as the token alien with 3 heads. So isn't that how I am viewing those claiming to pick up alien signals on their brainwaves? whereas after all, our brain operates like a human aerial. Let me explain for those who have yet to enjoy this fascinating fact....
Our brain's frequency bands (alpha, beta etc) exactly match the standing waves which emanate more or less from outer space (or technically a space between the earth and the ionosphere). Without these Schumann Resonance waves (the dominant one being 7.8 Hertz in alpha range) our brain would simply not be able to function. Tests have been done where people were shielded constantly from these waves and it turned out that they developed psychological problems. It most likely means that the Schumann waves from outer space entrain our own brainwaves - doesn't that blow your mind?
It makes sense that at night the waves will emit slower waves (delta – less than 5hertz) that make us feel sleepy. NASA are aware of the Schumann resonance syncronicity for our brains to work which is why Astronauts have to wear special Tesla watches which mimic the Schumann Resonance when away from the Earth. So where is this leading you might think? Well....as our brainwaves function/ transmit/ receive as a result of waves coming from outer space, it is quite feasible that we (or some of us) could pick up a signal coming from further out in space and especially so since radars have reported picking up signals from outer space. So I can laugh at the possibility of aliens getting in people's heads, but our brain does operate at a cosmic level receiving waves from outer space, so it is feasible that we could receive transmission signals on those waves from some other sources “out there”. Just not so sure that they will stealing hats. I was going to say I'll keep an open mind, but that could be dangerous.
Anonymous said…
Brilliant ^^^^^

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