104 The conquest of fear, The BBC features our cult and we tackle HAARP

The centre piece for this podcast is last week's interview with Caroline Martin, the BBC journalist who interviewed me on the topic of conspiracy theories. She tweets here: https://twitter.com/cazzatalkmartin Her bigoraphy is very interesting and perhaps explains her unusual (by BBC standards) enquiring mind.

I get requests reasonably frequently for things like that and intend to do as many as possible over the next few months. In the event you're one of the many cult members who work in the so-called mainstream media and you'd like to book me to do somethink for your show do get in touch. Twitter is the best place to start.

Also on the show we feature an interview from the archive with Jerry E Smith on the subject of HAARP. His website is here: http://www.jerryesmith.com/

And we feature a contribution from the inspirational Geoff Thompson. I threw this in from the archive and, in listening back to it, think it's probably one of my favourite interviews. See what you think.

New music from www.zerofriendsrecordings.co.uk

My Twitter is here: www.twitter.com/nickmargerrison

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Check out this episode!


gareth said…
Geoff Thompson - what a dude!
Ian Ansdell said…
Hi Nick,

Excellent podcast as usual. I've always been a big fan of talk radio and this seems to be the next step in its evolution.

Just left a donation under my wife's PayPal account, well worth the money.

I'm all for expanding the mindset and that's what the show has done for me. Edumcate on!

Very informative and fun, keep up the good work.

Ian Ansdell.

Anonymous said…

Hi Nick, I'm now a fully fledged cult member after listening to all the podcasts.
So as a way of introduction this is a bit of a rant i put up on my website recently http://www.dragonflygardening.co.uk/welcome/2014/05/02/waking-up/
Cheers, Dave
Anonymous said…
Howdy Nick
Completely off topic, but -
I recently remembered a chat you had with an old lady on LBC (she wasn't too keen on ya) You suggested to her that the bible meant something slightly different to everyone that read it. She replied "No, It's the word of God" I found myself thinking that this lady sees the bible the way that many people see lightspeed, a universal constant against which you can measure the universe.
Y'know, just thinking.
Here's a quid, buy something nice with it
- Andy Mac

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