L Vaughn Spencer features on this week's installment.

Dr Jordan Grafman who is profiled here.

Mary Roach is here. It is for this reason there's a warning on this episode. It's not the most obscene thing I've ever done on the radio. That title goes to the porn star who advertised auditions at a location in Birmingham, announcedit live on air. Not my finest hour.

It's all taken from my archive.

Music as always from www.zerofriendsrecordings.co.uk

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Dave Voce said…
I enjoyed hearing my message being read out last week, it cheered me up while I was in the middle of digging a garden over in preparation for a lawn, in the pouring rain and thanks for the positive comments about it. I often think that if I ever got to the stage where my ideas were fixed and there was nothing left to learn then that would be the point when I’d pick up the gun.
Anyway, here’s a random anecdote, I’d travelled by train for four days solid up to the Thai jungle from Singapore, I was extremely tired so I fell into a very deep sleep once I’d got myself somewhere to stay.
I woke up to see a trail of ants walking across my bed, I thought to myself aren’t ants great, they must be clearing up the peanut crumbs I’d dropped the night before, and then I thought, f’kin hell my shoulder hurts, I looked at it and it was black with ants, I brushed them off to see that they’d made tunnels, I had to wait for them to come out before I could brush the rest of them off. My shoulder then went all lumpy, the doctor refused to believe it was ants, he tried to convince me that it was mosquitos.
I also have a very similar story involving a rat by the way.
Take care, Dave

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