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Erronius said…
Hi Nick, the left-right theme just doesn't go away, does it?. So, here's a rant to muddy the waters some more.
Left <---> right is not the only slider on the panel. To assign it a meaning where it may have none, I define it as the one for distribution of wealth. More concentrated equals --> more to the right. More dispersed equals <-- more to the left. At the left end of the scale, we all have the same. Impossible. At the right end, one man owns the World. Just as impossible, but much closer to realisation. The wealthiest sixty of us own as much as the poorer half of us by now. That's way out of whack, I think. I must be a leftie, then.
So, at the far left, we see... communist great-leaderism. Joe Stalin. The Kim monarchy of Korea. Really? Did I just blink?
Oh well. If you want equality but you don't want to look the violence monopoly, ahem, the State in the eye, that's what you end up with. Put capital and government in one hand, and to add insult to injury, call it the People. If one man owns the World, all the rest of us are equal. And equally being owned.
So, it's a yin-yang thing. Whether the State eats capital or vice versa, we get to the same point at either end of the scale. Ozymandias. God on a dying Earth.
Friedrich Nietzsche to the rescue! Can it be that there are separate moralities for separate social strata? Absolutely! If so, how has the deconstruction of serf morality not been front and center to the Left for a century by now? We got workerism instead. Why is that? How is Fritz not a hero of the Left?
Here's what I think. The old left-right saw serves mostly to put up a show as if all decisions that matter have not been made yet. If you're in a cushy job as, say, a parliamentarian, a professional other people's business minder, you go along to get along. You assume the master morality. It just works that way. There's no hope in politics left or right, in the S&M game of governing and consenting to be governed. We'd better break out of that model altogether.
Dave Voce said…
For almost my entire adult life I considered myself about as left wing as you can get without being a hard core Marxist. I was in favour of equality, fairness, environmentalism and peace, and I assumed that right wing people were psychopathic, racist, illiterate and evil. But now I’m not so sure, I think I might have been deceived, and knowing this is a bit liberating, I can think what I like without wondering whether Stephen Fry would agree or not. Sometimes a left wing view, sometimes a right wing view. I now think I prefer Anarchism, I’m trying to get my head round it and I’m a bit wary of falling for another ism, however I do enjoy drawing a giant anarchy symbol over voting forms and I like the idea of letting people get on with their lives, so long as they’re not hurting anyone, just let them do what the hell they want.
Anyway, I said I had a story involving a rat. This again was when I was in Thailand, I was staying at a very cheap hotel, it was over-run with rats but on the plus side it was very cheap. I had a lie down soon after checking in and I woke up as I felt scratching on my shoulder, when I opened my eyes there was a rat inches from my face, peeling sunburnt skin off and eating it, he stopped eating when he saw that I’d opened my eyes and for a few seconds we just looked at each other, he twitched his whiskers then he ran off. The hotel owners thought it hilarious when I told them.
Cheers, Dave

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