111 Tony F--king Blair

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David Shayler interview I refer back to: http://margerrisons.blogspot.co.uk/2014/04/096-david-shayler-new-interview-for-2014.html
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Zero Friends Recordings is still homeless, I'm half expecting a fan site to pop up though, had a lot of people asking after him. He's fine, I saw him only yesterday. He's doing a lot of LIVE gigging with his band "The Quisling Meet".

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Anonymous said…
more tales of governement suppression in the establishment paedophile scandal

Thanks for the info about the Baroness, didn't know the extent of her history.

Oh and I'm not gonna write off interspecies communication just yet either! Not saying I believe anything but this doc was pretty interesting https://vimeo.com/94709579
Electric Toast said…
Hi Nick, I'm wondering why you don't get inundated with comments & feeling I don't want to stand out amongst the few posting in the comment box but at the same time wanting to at least express some appreciation & feedback. The past few weeks have been so jam-packed with interesting interviews & information there is just too much to comment about in this space which is why I join those in thinking some kind of expansion of the podcast would be a good thing. Whilst you like the present form of recorded/edited style (& much admired by the listeners & myself) when faced with either/or....why not choose both? couldn't you have your pre-recorded piece and then at the end of it or even on a separate day have a phone in slot. You could have a phone in comment box but personally I miss the way you/we as callers interact as a collective building on an idea to gain deeper insight into subjects such that happened at LBC. (I think you don't credit yourself enough for being our guide & teacher to the realms of the unconscious & travels into our psyche). For me you are the modern (or postmodern) equivalent of Descartes, not because of his opinions but because of his ability to reason and delve at the truth (even though I find it flawed & perhaps even that I find it flawed it gives a great exercise for the brain & deeper insight into the "truth" about our existence & nature. Talking of which.....you did mention about Discordia in that you don't believe there is any accord (regulation, consistency, pattern) to our world in that you believe it is all chaos. But why not have both? Just as with music you have harmonic tones and discordant sounds - both exist. I would be interested to find out your position about sacred geometry, string theory, fibonacci sequence as if you believe that it is all chaos you would naturally reject these concepts...wouldn't you?
Dyonn said…
There's some crazy stuff in those web sites you mention. Scary if it's true.

Probably best to ignore it...

Would love to hear a live stream/phone in show sometime.

Jon (@Dyonn)

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