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112 A chat with Adam Gorightly writer of Historia Discordia

Historia Discordia is the title of Adam Gorightly's latest work. It's a great book. Stuffed full of documents which reveal the true (and not so true) history of the religion about which I am sincere but not so serious, Discordianism.

There's an excellent review here:
It's written by friend of the show JMR Higgs, whose interview continues to pull in the downloads each month. You can go to the page with that on by clicking this:

I mention this video here:

You will be delighted to hear that our house band, Zero Friends Recordings, are now officially called "Quisling Meet" and are touring various bars in the North of England. If you wish to book them they are very reasonably priced and utterly unpredictable. Leave a message in the blog comments section, mark it "not for publication" and we will arrange the details. Either that or, follow them on Twitter, here:

Been a random week. All hail Discordia!

Check out this episode!

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