113 What happened to Zero Friends Recordings

This week's podcast is a mix of old Hallam FM calls and two new interviews with www.mirrorkill.net and Quisling Meet ( who tweet here )


Been very busy recently, looking forward to having a bit more time soon.


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Check out this episode!


Ian Ansdell said…
I've been working away for a week so I'm now catching up on the Podcast episodes. I have always like talk radio much like yourself and listened to Radio 4 and Talksport. Your podcast might not have the direct caller interaction you get from a radio show, but the interviews you have are entertaining and informative. You combine the wacky with the really interesting.

I don't subscribe to many podcasts but I listen to every episode of yours. I have found some of your guidelines on living really useful, especially how peoples negative comments reflect on their faults rather than yours, it's useful as I now look at how I perceive my thoughts about others too. I have also come to realise that the world makes no sense based on the traditional framework and that nearly all my stress is self created, learning this is a release.

Keep up the good work Nick, there's another one in the tin from my wife's email account (Sara@grubb). Discord on.

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