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Music from Quisling Meet, aside from the cracking live version of "Tony Bucking Flair" right at the end from Mirrorkill. The two bands are out gigging in the North at the moment. The crowds are growing with each performance.



The above is the 8 bit theme for Star Wars which I use in the piece at the end of the podcast, where I read this: http://www.geeksofdoom.com/2014/02/13/star-wars-an-open-letter-from-a-death-star-architect


The Higherside Chats we get menitoned in is here:



The BBC's Kate Adie report on the massacre is here:


"Tell the world they said"


I also use a clip from this video here:



My contributor's name is deliberately withheld.


Nick Margerrison

Check out this episode!


Hi Nick, just put another quid in the tin. After so many episodes of the cult of Nick, containing such a vast amount of knowledge, it’s easy to miss or forget some of the great nuggets that are in there. Your interests in Discordianism and other subjects are so wide that I thought it would be interesting if you could make a post containing an essential reading list for Cult Of Nick listeners. These could be some of your most highly rated\influential books that I’m positive would be of interest to us all.

At the moment I am reading the Naked Ape by Desmond Morris, soon to follow being the Principia Discordia and the Illuminatus! Trilogy. I also bought the Watchmen graphic novel after listening to the very early episode with Alan Moore. It was actually the first comic book that I could read that was interesting to me and now it’s hard to find anything that matches up. Going to give Promethea a try next I think.

Anyway, loving the podcast at the moment. The past few episodes have been superb, I’m about half way through ‘Cultural Exchange’ which is very fascinating so far. I find it very interesting hearing the perception of another culture from someone who has experienced it first hand, particularly during the demonstrations in 89.

I will leave it there as I can rant for days if it were not for word limits and Melatonin. On a final note though, A friend of mine just sent me, possibly the best video in the history of human kind. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yO7MWuJ7zLA I challenge anyone in the world to watch this without smiling.

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