116 - Jon Gaunt and Greg Carlwood

Jon Gaunt is the chap I've been working on FUBAR Radio with over the last few months. He tweets here.


Greg Carlwood's The Higherside Chats is a great listen. We share a few listeners in common. He tweets here.

During the discussion we mention a chap who has strong views about "New Age" psychedelic thinking. His stuff is here.


Then there's Quisling Meet, they are here.



Check out this episode!


Tommy said…
Your right bud, it is very tame in Blighty, Gaunty is okay abd Nick Ferrari, Ian Collins and one or two others but there are non to compare with Michael Savage whom was banned by Jackie Smith to appease muslims a few years ago whenshe banned a load of hate preachers.
Read his books - Liberalism is a mental disorder and The Savage nation.


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