117 - Being told to think for yourself is nicely paradoxical

Features conversations with Adam Bloom, Alan Boss, Alan Hatfield, Andre Carmichael, Burt Backwards and Brook Agnew.

Music from @QuislingMeet

Features audio from this news piece:

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cockneyreject said…
Yay! Quid in the tin at last! (via company)
Dyonn said…
Hi Nick,

I asked you ages ago whether you had ever interviewed Graham Hancock. You said you had, but you weren't happy with it. Maybe he would be up for an interview for the cult?

He's my favourite authority on "this kind of thing" because he does his research, and is convincing, but lets you make your own mind up.

I was curious what became of the hollow earth trip and had a look at their web site. It looks like it hasn't been updated since around the time they spoke to you, and there is also a load of religious stuff, which he didn't mention in the interview.

Jon (Dyonn)

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