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Many a true word spoken in jest.

Armies of twenty-somethings have media degrees and no broadcast industry to work in, outside of the BBC. In the long term this will be a good thing because we're in the middle of a communications revolution. The ability to communicate with lots of strangers is likely to be useful. As with the industrial revolution I suspect our nation will ultimately "export" to global markets. We're well placed to do so with media "products". English is a widely spoken language. Once we start understanding the fact that "the world" is our potential audience we'll cut our cloth to suit and be on to a winner. Time will tell, I'm an optimist.

However, in the short term there are lots of kids who think their only real chance of earning a crust is to suckle on the teat of state patronage. The BBC's funding model has proven to be far more robust than anything in the commercial media world. Advertising revenues are more elusive than ever before and commercial media has been hit very hard by this. Local newspapers and radio have been decimated in most markets. National commercial media is struggling, pay has dropped to near zilch and even Murdoch is closing down newspapers.

The irony of this situation is the commercial media has to pretend to have lots of money and project an image of success in order to turn a profit. Advertisers will always pay as little as possible. If your desperate for their money they will realise this and subsequently work out a deal where they pay even less. If you seem to have a huge queue of people anxious to buy air space they will pay a higher price and your outfit is therefore more able to feed and clothe the people who work there.

The BBC is totally different because they are funded by a system that gets money with threats and menaces. In short, if you don't pay their poll tax men with sticks will arrive to harrass and possibly jail you. This produces far more millionaires than commercial media ever can. It is resistent to advertising revenues and the UK's fluctuating economy. In terms of a nice little earner for someone with media skills it's a safe bet.

However, in order to protect this system the BBC has to endorse two key lies. Firstly it has to pretend that commercial media pays over the odds and that the poor little BBC is underfunded by comparison. Secondly it has to pretend it is impartial, which of course no one is, or ever can be.

Nuclear weapons are a deterrent. The UK should keep its nukes. There's an argument that we should be noble and get rid of them because they're useless. This misunderstands the nature of a threat and deterrent. Click on this tweet to see how CND respond.
Our politicians suck our wages out of our pay packets each week. They lord it up in houses like this. And people wonder why I can't stand them.

Nick Margerrison.


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