F--k off Beaker

The New Labour Order are a reason for me never to vote again. In a way I'm very grateful to their then supreme leader Tony Blair for snapping me out of the wrong footed belief that voting is ever worthwhile. I explain why in more detail here: #VoteLabour - A warning from history

This blog entry is a short one to explain how you can post words onto pictures.

There's a website here that does it, others are available.

You just post the words into the box and then follow the instructions.

At the moment there is a trend on Twitter to tweet "Fuck off Beaker" whenever David Miliband tweets anything. I think that lacks bite.

Great photo
I've taken to posting replies to tweets by @UKLabour which put this picture underneath the words of the tweet, like so:
It's a still developing response but I think it works quite well.

What do you think?

Pop a post in the comments section.


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