#VoteLabour : A Warning from History

I voted, once, back in 1997.

I'm working class, I think society does have a certain duty to care for its citizens. I voted Labour. I voted for Tony Blair who, in his time, was very like Obama used to be. He seemed more normal than most politicians, he was supposedly mates with my favourite pop stars Oasis. No worries, "things can only get better". Off I went to vote. I was delighted when Tony, our cool rock and roll left wing Prime Minister, took to office. I switched off politically around that point, the goodies had won and everything was fine.

My childhood was spent living under "The Evil Tories". Thatcher seemed so clearly heartless to me as a kid. Her Spitting Image puppet and objectionable manner on television was enough for me. She always looked like she was facing people down. Most of the kids at school hated her. Done deal. Get them out of office and bring on Labour.

Then a terrible thing happened. September 11th 2001 and America was attacked. We got told, they've planned it from Afghanistan. Fair enough, here we go, lets sort that out. Then Blair tells us Iraq is itching to destroy us. Got "weapons of mass destruction" and they'll use 'em on us with not even a moment's notice. However, by this point I'm into conspiracy theories and I hear loads of people saying online that Blair's lying. I even hear normal people on the mainstream media saying he hasn't got these weapons.

So, loads of us go and protest against The Labour Government. We don't want a war in Iraq. Over a million people. Yet we're totally ignored. They go in anyway. They use our votes and our taxes to bomb a country I can't even place on a map. They send lads I grew up with over and it really messes them up. And for what? Oil, people say. I'm not even sure I believe that to be honest. It just seems like an act of wanton thuggery. Not many people supported it at the time.

Look, I've written this in a particular style. It's aimed at people who don't know how the game works: they get you to vote for these idiots and then, no matter who they are, they go on and do stuff like Iraq. That's why people like Russell Brand say "don't vote". It's a waste of time. It gets you nowhere. It's also why politicians are so keen to speak to "young adults". You don't know how the game works. You're not old enough. They can mislead you like they did me.

Now, here's what you do. Put these thoughts in your own words. Spread these ideas, like a revolutionary from our nation's history. Become an advocate of the revolution of consciousness. Either back this, Referendum before war or go even further and spread this, Referendums on everything always.


HaydnBolt said…
i dare you nick the high priest or what ever discordance to interview kanye west i bet he would be up for it ask him about the Illuminati and conspiracy's seriously i dare you to ask him .......
cockneyreject said…
Reading this I'm reminded that Labour have been onto the old 'get some popular musicians on board & get the yoof vote' malarky for some time now. I remember back in the 80's when I came of voting age they had Billy Bragg, The Style Council & some others the names of who escape me now that I liked. I'm just thankful teenage lethargy took over before I actually voted! They did the same in the 60's with The Beatles during Wilson's campaign the seeky sods have it been at for years! Thank 'deity of choice' for Punk Rock in the 70's & politicians steering clear eh? I wonder who it's going to be next year then? That said who'd want to associate themselves with Beaker?

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