118 The truth behind the Foley video

Ross Patel from Afentis Forensics speaks about "Jihad John" and the Foley murder.

Donnachadh McCarthy speaks about The Prostitute State, see more here.

Banishing Ritual is here.

Illumicorp, the Illuminati's "training video" is here.

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Erronius said…
Hail Eris! All hail Discordia! Little piggy is proud of the farm eh?
Case in point. You mention free speech as something that's great about "your" country. Free speech is not a problem. Until the class bully comes up to you and tells you: you can't say that. Or else. You're in trouble. Worse, the bully is organized. You're in real trouble.
So you shut up and forget about it because what else are you going to do. A hundred years pass. You are your great-grandson now. The organized bully his great-grandson now comes up to you and tells you that you now have a right to free speech and you go, gee, wow, thanks man.
Saw under which cup the ball went? You cannot be given rights. They can only be taken from you, under the threat of violence.
IS, the Islamic State, gives us at a safe distance the opportunity to look at a newborn State in its naked glory. A band of thugs with a sorry excuse for an ideology, enough firepower to keep down a territory and no qualms about committing atrocities. In the unlikely event that it would survive its first hundred years, it would probably become as respectable as, say, Saudi Arabia. A state that still does beheadings wholesale, by the way. A friend of "ours".
As I see it, organized crime is to governance as hunting and gathering is to farming. The gang that's on top gets to write the law, sets the moral example and becomes the State. It's still a protection racket. Eventually, we all pay the bully who promises to beat up the other bullies and can deliver. There's nothing here to be proud of.
I have a Dutch passport, Dutch is my first language, and you'd think I was a white guy if you saw me. I grew up in the normality field of Amsterdam West. I take neither pride nor shame in what I were born into. It's just so. Had I been born somewhere else, I would have been someone else. I take no credit for the paintings of Johannes Vermeer or Piet Mondriaan and no blame for this country's sordid colonial past or the FUBAR at Srebenica. I'm not proud of my class bully. Once every four years I'm asked by whom I want to be governed in the name of His Majesty the King. I usually vote for some do-gooder upstart party that's not going anywhere because why not. Then get on with my life.
Could things change so drastically that the State meme would become obsolete? I've seen weird shit come to pass in my lifetime. Most notably, the Internet. And I don't think the crest of Terrence McKenna's novelty wave has broken yet. By a long shot. What you call Orwell's Oversight may well be a few sizes bigger than you think it is. We haven't gotten away with talking to one another for thousands of years. When we really start learning from one another, When enough of us see that they're all just a pack of cards, things could change pretty fast. Not that I'm holding my breath, mind you.

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