120 Is Kevin Hurley a fan of free speech?

This week's show features the PCC of Surrey Police, Kevin Hurley. He tweets here.


We also see the return of Ross Patel of Afentis Forensics to discuss the latest IS video.


Also, from the archive, we feature an incredible story from Patrick Hutchinson


And John Rhodes, famous for being a pioneer in the UFO field of Reptioids.


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Anonymous said…
Hi Nick,
Nice try interviewing Kevin, you really did try to get him to admit that he thinks he should be the moral judge of Twitter. I actually admire what he has done in his career, but I really think he is completely losing the plot over his 1 man crusade on Twitter. He states, he is concerned regarding people's destruction of social cohesion, he really needs to read some of the IS supporters tweets, surely with his campaign he should start at the top with the most extreme racial and socially offensive tweets, not take the easy targets, perhaps that's just the police man in him.
I was actually glad when he decided to cut off, as the politician in him refused to budge from his prepared speech, it just became a circular interview in the end.
Anonymous said…
I sincerely hope Kevin's doing this all in his free time, and my taxes are in no way paying for his one man mission against free speech on twitter.

I think the Daily Mail & a lot of the MSM are far worse in drumming up hate then anyone on twitter. As Malcom X said:
"If you aren't careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed and loving the people who are doing the oppressing."

I'd love for the hateful MSM disappear, but I don't want that to be done by force, I want that to be done by people being intelligent enough not to buy into it anymore.

Anonymous said…
As a listener to The CON this interview is fascinating. Kevin Hurley sounds like a man who is half asleep speaking. He can't answer the questions so he trots out his pre-prepared statement about retweeting things. That might work on the BBC where they've only got a short time available to discuss things but here it's Kevin who has to call time. Almost as if his media training didn't prepare him for podcasts...
Dave Voce said…
Loved the interview with the 'free speech' guy, you clearly made him repeatedly contradict himself. It seems true to me as well that the problem is the criminal who acts in a violent way and it isn't the person talking about it, and there's this assumption that there's loads of simple minded people out there that blindly go round acting on the words of others and therefore need protecting from what they might hear. To some extent that might be true but then a healthy debate should be the way to counter it and not this Orwellian obsession with banning things and controlling how we we talk to each other.

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