122 - Climate crisis and UFO truth

We feature two great guests this week.


Piers Corbyn's website is here: http://www.weatheraction.com/


Richard Dolan features on the podcast, his website is here: http://www.richarddolanpress.com/


I continue my pagan mumblings, as this was recorded during my pagan week. That's over now. For those not following this thread I'm currently trying out new beliefs and this week I've realised the truth is in The Lord Jesus Christ, in a Gnostic context. It's much trickier to pull off monotheism. It's so antithetical to me. Or it was. Managed to say my prayers a bit last night. Do Gnostic Christians do that? My only real guide to their beliefs is a book by Philip K Dick.


Here's the famous Independent story about how there's going to be no more snow thanks to 'global warming'. http://www.independent.co.uk/environment/snowfalls-are-now-just-a-thing-of-the-past-724017.html


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Anonymous said…
I miss you on LBC very much.

Best comedy moment ever by our very own lovely Marg was when he said "I thought a commis chef was just like a normal chef, but with extreme left wing views"

Dave Voce said…
I've been banging on for years how great Piers Corbyn is, usually to the usual blank stare, I just can't believe how he's not a household name, so it was great to hear him on your show. And I just wanted to say, regarding the self paradying situation in the Middle East, James Corbett from the corbettreport.com explains it better than anyone, detailed but very easy to follow and understand (maybe he could be a guest). Cheers, Dave
Anonymous said…
Agreed James Corbett is very informative
Tom Harris said…
Hail cult members!

I'm glad that the C.O.N under the wise yet refreshingly fallible steerage of our master nick for the main delivers our feverish conspiracy nut minds away from the whole NWO hohum ( the most boring of all conspiracies), but i thought I'd share this you tube gem here, wonderfully personifying old grey face as a peddler of 'ism's'. Glad to hear your doing the psyconought exercise on paradigm shifting, don't let it fracture your consciousness,magic is really fun if your fairly sane and a crap tornado if your not. Look forward to hearing your experiences and revelations

Hail discordia!!!


Dyonn said…
Excellent episode.

Great that you got somebody who knows what he's talking about, on the climate.

I've been doing my own analysis on temperature for a few years now, so I know that the world has been cooling since 97-98. It's good to have it confirmed by an expert, though.

I don't like referendums for the same reason that I don't like General elections. People are stupid, or at least they are ill-informed, and they act like sheep. This is why Rupert Murdoch has picked the PM for the last 35 years.

One possible solution I have been thinking about is a knowledge based election/ referendum system, so your vote only counts if you can prove (by multiple choice questions on the voting slip) that you understand what you are voting for.

Electric Toast said…
Nick, I've been away for a while (France if you must know) :)
just catching up on the podcast...only to see you have been a Pagan for a week and now...now...
it's over! I don't think so...oh no...not at all....you're in denial Nick...oh yes you are! ahem....I have to remind you of your roots - being a Marc Bolan adoree gives you instant membership of a class of Pagans known as "Druids". It's indelibly stamped into your consciousness now through the Tyrannosarus Rex lyrics. I am a Druid cadet myself as well as a little bit Hindu and a Bolanite. For those who didn't realise Marc Bolan was a Druid? (insert here a picture of The Warlock of Love if technology allows)You only have to listen to his early lyrics about the wind, trees, the earth and then later he develops into a Pantheist Druid - his work was all about the cosmos & planets. So in future, we'll have none of this Paganism being "over", you just accept who you are and be proud of it.....

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