UK is being divided to suit the EU's agenda

The above verse was cut from an otherwise excellent BBC adaption of Henry V. First broadcast towards the end of 2012, The Hollow Crown's production team must have debated the decision. I'd love to have heard that. They will have been conscious of the forthcoming referendum regarding Scottish "independence". Would leaving the potentially offensive lines in have caused problems north of the border? Is it really an important part of the play? Why would Shakespeare say such mean and un-politically correct things about our friends the Scottish? And so on.

The answer to all these questions lies in the fact it was written a long time ago. England in 1599 was a different place, back then these words were likely to strike a familiar chord. The full quote establishes context:

But there's a saying very old and true,
'If that you will France win,
Then with Scotland first begin:'
For once the eagle England being in prey,
To her unguarded nest the weasel Scot
Comes sneaking and so sucks her princely eggs,
Playing the mouse in absence of the cat,
To tear and havoc more than she can eat. 

The scene takes place as Henry plans to attack France. The threat of invasion from the Scottish was historically something to be considered during negotiations with Europe. It appears this concern helped forge the union in the first place. Not by conquest did the two join together, it was debated for some time. The fear of troops coming from what we now call the EU was always part of that discussion.

Once the United Kingdom was sorted those invasions become more difficult and "Great" Britain was born. Britain, meaning the Islands themselves and its prefix "Great" being a descriptive term alike to "Greater Manchester". Once united the nations within were responsible for the world's first industrial revolution and one of its largest Empires. The natural barrier of the sea stabilized the arrangement and the tiny but united Island became a force to be reckoned with.

Understanding this back drop to the British Empire helps give an insight into a famous part of it's military tactics and conquests.

In politics and sociology, divide and rule (or divide and conquer) is gaining and maintaining power by breaking up larger concentrations of power into pieces that individually have less power than the one implementing the strategy. The concept refers to a strategy that breaks up existing power structures and prevents smaller power groups from linking up.

Fast forward to modern times and the fallen British Empire of our age. There are two possible narratives as to how we get into the current situation where Scotland is voting to go it alone. The official one is that 'the time has come' at last for the Scottish to escape the 'tyranny of the Tories', a British political party. Nationalistic films made by Hollywood such as Braveheart are often cited to help tell the tale of an oppressed nation subdued by the evil English.

Then there is a second narrative, which I have favored for many years. Only now, in the eleventh hour of the debate, does it really seem to be gaining traction. Aside from the 'tyranny of the Tories' some believe the UK has had to face a secretly united political class who refuse to debate certain issues, one of them is the EU.
This alternative point of view is tricky for some because it involves an industrial level of cynicism toward our elected representatives. Mainly it assumes they ultimately work not as independent political parties but instead as a single entity "Her Majesty's Government". To believe this alternative perspective you have to allow for the possibility that devious career politicians are trying to improve the size and scale of what they do and their chances of a promotion within "the business of Government". This might offer an insight into why these characters have quelled or ignored sensible discussion regarding the merits of the UK handing power over to mainland Europe. It also helps explain why they trivialised the debate and seem to have hypnotised themselves and others into thinking it's off limits because "racism" and "right wing"[1].
In this worldview I'm putting forward politicians are literally "all in it together" and they are not above deliberately making major and obvious mistakes if it furthers the overall agenda.

They are doing this because the EU offers genuine benefits, to them. I presume this is the case because the advantages of supporting the EU appear to be explained in private, as bribes often are. I never hear the positive arguments behind it made publicly. I just see politicians who vacuously declare "it's good for Britain" and "good for jobs" before they line their pockets with multimillion pound careers in international diplomacy: would-be "President of The United States of Europe" Mr Tony Blair is a good example, as are Lord and Lady Kinnock and John Major.
Many believe Her Majesty's Government intend only to call a referendum on the issue once we've been seen to be marinated in EU propaganda over the next few years. I think it more likely we will see anti-UK propaganda, as they don't seem to have a positive message in their EU-agenda toolbox. Keep in mind the fact that the main argument the pan-European political classes make in favor of their EU is that without it we'd have another one of their world wars to contend with.
The above tweet contains a link to a brilliant Peter Hitchens blog which makes the case I'm arguing brilliantly, I strongly suggest you read it. Scottish independence appears to be part of a process that has been ongoing since the EU project first begun. The map you can see in that tweet was issued by The EU, it is missing only one nation, England. There was a huge controversy at the time but it speaks to the mindset of those behind the EU takeover.

When they go independent, which I think they will, the Scottish will have to face a number of issues but the first will be EU membership. I suspect their negotiating position will be made to look poor and the EU will aim to get them in under the worst possible terms. England's most valuable ally will be defeated psychologically by mainland Europe and then, for want of a better term, reduced to nothing more than a vassal state before the next stage can begin. Who knows what that might be.
Nick Margerrison

[1] As I will never tired of pointing out: there's no clear racial division between mainland Europe and the UK, or any obvious link between the centralisation of Government and being either "right" or "left" wing.


The Hitchens Blog:


"Their current plan is to join the EU, keep the pound and keep the Queen. Why move out of a shitty apartment and deliberately take the bed bugs with you?
  •     Not having control of your own currency means you’ll end up just like Spain, with no ability to value or devalue it in response to macroeconomic headwinds, meaning your only choice is internal devaluation… and that’s how you get a youth unemployment rate of 50%.
  •     The EU has repeatedly said that Scotland would not get automatic entry and would never get entry at all without a central bank. See above about the Basques and the Catalans.
  •     Britain won’t consent to a currency union. Ever. So Scotland will run on GBP the way Guam runs on US dollars. Really, really badly.
Let me be clear. If actual independence, rather than rejoining the same supranational control mechanisms on much weaker terms, was on the table, I would not only be pro-independence, I would move to Scotland.

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Dave Voce said…
Unfortunatly you might be right about the Scotland vote. Their plans for post independence look a bit half baked, whereas a true independence could be a utopia in such a beautiful place. Anyway, here's a wierd story set in Scotland... I was camping in Glentress forest in the Borders, and during a lovely sunny afternoon we were lying on our backs next to the tent in a grassy clearing. Out of nowhere I felt something prod my back, then it happened again, so I pushed myself up, but recoiled as the ground was lifting up, it came up at least 6 inches, then spread out in a wave, we both saw this, freaked us out a bit. Cheers, Dave
neiallswheel said…
I'm a cynic, and the palpable nature of the ruling class joined at the head, moving as one, under some common mysterious agenda is very real to me. Though this is worrying, along with our sham democracy, I got to go one step back down the ladder, and think about the Scots people in this independence bid.
WHAT'S THE POINT of anything if the living don't feel the benefits?
I'm gonna nod my head at the noise the self proclaimed Gods are gonna make in the press whilst sabotaging out of spiteful greed, the natural process of growth and reorganization,

Sometimes you gotta roll the dice, and hope for the best, if this is a genuine people led burst for democracy why the fuck did they keep the queen? Out of fear? The implied 'nuclear' fallout? Armed forces?
This one point is a bit of a thorn, as it flies in the face of what we know about who makes the final decision on parliamentary law changes.
Hope that this is such an embarrassment to westminister, the first drop of rain, in a drought of true democracy

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