Why do UK Labour love war and Monarchy?

For me The Labour party destroyed not just their own credibility but the whole notion of a political party. They did this with their invasion of Iraq. It was nowhere in their manifesto and over a million marched against it. I was one of them. I felt bitterly betrayed, I'd voted for Labour because I had characters like Keir Hardie in mind. An ardent pacifist he stuck to his guns on the issue and was sidelined, partly as a result. I'd voted for change and got more of the same. There are likely Tory voters and certainly Liberal Democrat voters who can tell the same story. Political parties don't work because once elected politicians ignore you.

The above Keir Hardie quote (of which more here) shows you how passionately anti-Monarchist he was. The famous line, "'he hates the Palace because he remembers the Pit" could find no equal for the likes of Milliband or Blair[1]. What jobs have they ever done like that? They aren't workers, they're managers, middle managers.

Comedy icon with a number of Blair character traits
Think of them as David Brent types. With their management speak and awful attempts at humor the similarities are striking. Both Blair and Brent liked a pint, played the guitar and tried to let their workers know they were "cool", as well as being the boss. Ironically David Cameron, highlighted the similarity between the Blair and Brent while in opposition. People in glass houses are ill advised to throw stones, Cameron is little more than Blair's carbon copy.

It'd be funny if it weren't so tragic. It still amazes me these middle managers were able to ignore their workers and invade Iraq. That war links directly into the formation of ISIS. There are now people who live there who lost family members and friends because of the misguided adventures of Her Majesty's Government. All justified by claims regarding "weapons of mass destruction" which promptly fell to bits:
"I have to accept: as the months have passed, it seems increasingly clear that at the time of invasion Saddam did not have stockpiles of chemical or biological weapons ready to deploy"
- Mr Blair 14/07/04
Put the above in perspective. Keir Hardie, Labour's first MP, hated the Monarchy and wars. Blair, their longest serving Prime Minister, invaded nations around the world with gay abandon and never once challenged our hereditary monarchy. In other words they betrayed their principles and fulfilled the assumptions of conspiracy theorists, which can be summarised thus:
People often debate my stance on voting. My answer is simple, why participate in an obvious farce?

Nick Margerrison

[1] The idea another man of his like will ever challenge the status quo was last year derided by "left wing" blog LEFT FOOT FORWARD: When the royal baby is born will any politician dare to be a modern Keir Hardie? The obvious answer, no.


Anonymous said…
I've finally read Geoff Thompson's book. I've been meaning to for years, thanks for the reminder. Poetry, it 'aint. But, that guy really understands what fear does to a mind. Great stuff.
Andy Mac

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