124 - Bit of brain food for you

After recording this I was delighted to discover an article by Russell Brand advocating an end to debt, here: http://www.theguardian.com/culture/2014/oct/11/russell-brand-revolution-exclusive-extract?CMP=twt_gu

The podcast features an interview with Dr Pete Yeandle, speaking about "White Poppies" and pacifism.

There's a rant about cannabis being legalised which features on my blog here: http://margerrisons.blogspot.co.uk/2014/10/new-research-into-cannabis.html

Bruce Friedrich's wikipedia is here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bruce_Friedrich

Tom Binns tweets here: https://twitter.com/tombinns

The music is from The Decadent Marsupials, a collection of all the Discordian members of Mirrorkill and Quisling Meet. It's from the session recorded specially for last week's episode.

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DB said…
RE: White Poppies

Your man had me on his side - I was agreeing with him. I've recently felt squeamish about buying a poppy because of the ongoing 'conflicts'. No disrespect to those serving in the armed forces - my problem is with those above them. And dare I say above the government?


When he expressed sympathy with the dilution of the cause with the cases of the death of Blair Peach and and the AIDs campaigner I fell off the love train. These are different causes - different situations. Whether you agree with the politics or not, what has an antifa vs NF 'battle' have to do with those giving their lives and limbs in battle/conflict?

This starts to smell of cultural marxism.

As we struggle with a world where, I think, the political paradigm of left v right is less relevant than when I first voted in the early 80s, how/why the antifa movement so strong in social media? They are now the thought fascists.

Democracy is the key to our society. Whether you believe in voting or not - we still have a voice.

How can a democrat, socialist or pacifist not see the anti-democratic ways of ISIS? How can anyone now be pro-islamification? Pro-zionist? Purple poppies? - more people seeing and animals 'worth' over that of people?

I really don't know. It all saddens me to be honest.

DB said…
More problems here:

Grant said…
Ignore the news! Much better for your sanity.
Damian said…
Dr Yeandle seemed very reasonable. What I liked about him most was that he was willing to admit that he didn't know the answers to all your questions. We could do with more of that from politicians.
Rob Someone said…
Dear sir,
as a member of Sceptics in the Pub, I must take exception to something you said in this otherwise excellent podcast. We do not LITERALLY shoot fish in barrels. We have been stopped from doing that after an unfortunate flood and some dangerous ricochet incidents. Then there's the poor fish. Think of the poor fish !!!!! What would your PETA guy say about that eh???
Rob Someone.

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