125 - Was The Discordian Society a CIA front?

Daisy Eris features. She tweets here: https://twitter.com/DaisyEris

Everything you need to know about her play is here: http://cosmictriggerplay.com/


Adam Gorightly makes a welcome return. He tweets here: https://twitter.com/AdamGorightly

His excellent website about Discordianism is here: http://historiadiscordia.com/


The music comes from The Decedant Marsupials, a collection of the Discordian members of @QuislingMeet and @Mirrorkill


I tweet here: @nickmargerrison


All of these messages have been approved by The Discordian High Church, of which I'm the fifth Pope.


The Discordian International Council of Knowledge has requested that we make it clear that the answer to this episode's question, in accordance with both the law of fives and the apple of uncertainty, is a firm maybe.


Finally, a message from Eris D, transmitted from the very Sirius star. Discordia has insisted we make it clear that religion is a work of fiction. Names, Gods, places, and events are the product of the Goddesses imagination. Any resemblance to actual events, places, or deities are purely coincidental.

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Mark OBLAZNEY said…
You're not supposed to know that. Now we'll have to kill you.
Rob Someone said…
This is all very well, but what did you think of QUESTION TIME this week eh ?????

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