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Looking forward to Question Time
I've pretty much given up on Question Time on the BBC, I'm tempted to give up on news altogether. These people are so full of crap. They pull tricks which may have worked in the 1980's but now look like the machinations of a five year old. Pictured above is Angela Eagle. She was on Question Time last night debating a misjudged comment by another odious twunt called Lord Freud[1]. He thinks some disabled workers are not worth the minimum wage.

Angela had a tactic to discuss this, deploy political correctness and incite the furious mob upon the "evil Tories". Can't fail eh?

Watch the exchange here:

It was posted on Guido Fawkes:
Angela Eagle assumed she would automatically carry the Question Time audience with her as they discussed Lord Freud last night. Instead the room turned on Labour, jeering and heckling, coming down on the side of the stitched up welfare minister:
One audience member called Labour’s position “extremely disingenuous”, another was applauded by the whole room for calling out their “hypocritical point-scoring”, describing them as “disgusting”. Another said “the smirk on her face” showed Eagle knew she was telling fibs. If Labour can’t convince even the audience of Question Time, it suggests their attack on Freud may not have cut through as well as they’d hoped…

I tuned in right after it had happened, the rest of the programme was dull. I only became aware of the exchange through Twitter. This tweeter sums up the mood perfectly:

Regular readers/listeners will know this is precisely the kind of exchange I have been expecting or hoping for, as the internet works its magick upon people's consciousnesses. They can spot spin. They are not stupid. And they are finding politicians easy to outwit.

After watching the video I was curious to see how Angela Eagle's twitter timeline looked after the embarrassing exchange. During it she looked like a kid being told off after someone caught them with a hand in the sweet jar. Maybe she'd have lots of support which she'd be frantically retweeting, I thought. Not the case.

I decided to tweet her myself.

I imagine, as she read the unsupportive tweet, her face looked something like this:

Why are our Sith Lord powers fading?
Then I got into a conversation with another tweeter who pointed out Angela Eagle could have used the moment as an opportunity to "evangelise" about the advantages of employing disabled people. This was, after all, something she claimed was part of the job of politicians.
When challenged to do this I do hope her face did not look like this:
No, they're not supposed to argue back.
I'm sure there are advantages to certain disabilities in some contexts. Empathy and wisdom can be useful skills. Also, it's such a catch all term. There must be advantages. However, I'm dyslexic, is that a "disability"? If so, what advantages it brings to an employer I'm not really sure.

The awfulness of people like Angela Eagle though is that they are not interested in the answer to the question. They are interested in power. They are interested in making other people feel small because they can't think on the spot what advantages there might be. That's why she f--ked up so badly on Question Time. People could see that.

Then a very interesting thing happened. Angela, rather than answer the question, retweeted part of the conversation without comment.

Generally, if you have a large twitter account retweet a potentially objectionable comment like that you can expect a bit of grief in your timeline. Unfortunately for Angela Eagle no such thing has transpired. It appears her followers were not unlike the Question Time audience. I imagine they saw through her attempts to stoke an overexcited and unthinking hate mob shouting "aarrgh, you hate disabled people". Turns out people aren't as thick as her kind thought.

She's clearly out of touch. She's been caught using disability as a political football. And she's failing to do what she said: explain the benefits of employing a disabled person.

Resign. You and all your "honourable" mates.

Nick Margerrison.

[1] Just let that sink in. We have Lords in this country. He's a "Lord". That's not a democratic term. We don't live in a democracy. Here's the definition of the word:

Imagine someone telling you they were one of your Lords. You don't need to. That's what these people do all the time. They take your money, taxation, and tell you they are your Lords.


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