New research into cannabis

Good old Daily Mail eh?
New research into cannabis published in The Mail claims the plant is "highly addictive, causes mental health problems and opens the door to hard drugs". It was carried out by Professor Wayne Hall, a drugs advisor to the World Health Organisation[1].

I've long thought cannabis should be decriminalised. However, I despair at those who agree with me and then unnecessarily shoot their argument in the foot by going on to claim it has no negative consequences. Some stoners, through the haze of their intoxication, seem to think their drug of choice is the answer to everything, can do no wrong, or even makes them better people[2]. That seems absurd to me but even if it is the case it has nothing to do with the reason why it should not be illegal to use.

The reality, which politicians hate to admit, is every body is different. Our mechanised, one size fits all, factory built world, would love nothing more than for this awkward truth not to be the case because it makes universal legislation tricky. Life would be so much more convenient if the surfs all looked the same, acted the same and responded in precisely the same way to external stiumli. However, the evidence of my own eyes speaks to the contrary. Our only absolute commonality is we are all unique.

This seems to me to be why different people have different experiences with different drugs[3]. I've known people smoke themselves into deep trouble just as I've known others drink themselves death. There are also people who can nail lines of coke[4] for breakfast, crack on with their day, and have led long successful lives. I came of age in the 1990s. For my generation ecstasy use was widespread. Some people popped pills like you would a tube of smarties and they now live happy, well adjusted lives. On the other hand there are people who nowadays describe that drug as the trigger to long term bouts of depression and anxiety.

The only reason this could surprise anyone is because illegal drug use has to be a private affair. I believe this is why so many people get themselves into so much trouble with them. Many are afraid to ask for help because their habits are seen as criminal.

I think as a society it's time to grow up a little on this issue because the core problem here is one that affects us all. The illegal drugs market is worth billions. That money, each year, goes right into the pockets of organised crime. The trade's huge profit margins are untaxed and make some very questionable characters very, very rich. Legalise drugs and you break the back of that funding stream overnight.

When America made alcohol illegal.
That should be the focus of the argument. It's one the Daily Mail would find harder to refute. Anyone making the case for our failed "war on drugs" to continue should be reminded they are supporting organised crime. Don't get drawn in to silly debates about how weed is good for you or acid opened your third eye. Just plough on with the fact that the result of their legislation is the same as that of prohibition in America, which funded The Mafia nicely.

Keep the situation as it is and the hidden hand of British life will continue to grow in power each year. Ultimately, as our Government runs out of money and society declines, the specter of outright lawlessness will continue to grow. Criminals become "above the law" because they're rich. If we persist in this folly more and more people will occupy that position. Legalising cannabis would be a good start towards removing that reality.

Nick Margerrison

[1] A deeply suspect organisation. As the ebola crisis in Africa claimed thousands of victims they were busy tweeting about "ecigs".
[2] But it makes me more creative...

[3] Just as people are all different, so are drugs when they are illegal. In the unregulated world of cocaine and ecstasy what people are selling is often way below a reasonable quality. This means, thanks to our current laws, drug users are unnecessarily damaging themselves with a poor product alike to moonshine, a cheap and illicit version of alcohol produced during prohibition in America. I once heard a comedian summarise this neatly in a joke: "life is like a bag of ecstasy, you never know what you're going to get".

[4] I've known a lot of people with cocaine habits drop dead of heart attacks, often at a very young age. Pope Bob noticed this also, he speaks about it on "Robert Anton Wilson Explains Everything, Or Old Bob reveals his ignorance".

"Most People With Addiction Simply Grow Out of It: Why Is This Widely Denied?" Further reading on the subject of addiction:

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Barrasfnord said…
The biggest problem cannabis caused for me was also it's biggest appeal at the time. It made doing nothing seem ok and interesting when really it was time I could have spent more wisely.

Not to mention the lack of fitness and the weight I gained during this time.

Not all was bad with the drug, it made me smile a lot and that can never be a bad thing.

I could never get into the stoner mentality as it never occurred to me to justify a use of a drug (Any drug including cannabis) how could it be?

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