Question Time Reviewed 10th October

My reviews of Question Time used to regularly climb up the sidebar of my blog: 10 MOST VIEWED POSTS IN LAST MONTH. They were popular. Then, I stopped being able to do them. The reason for that was my absolute horror at the revelations relating to the CSA Inquiry. I always knew I hated politicians but the sheer awfulness of it all meant I couldn't actually watch it without getting very, very annoyed.

I suspect this is the last one I will review. It was pure luck, good or bad, that I ended up watching it. I hadn't planned to. The people on the panel are looking more and more terrible as time passes. I'm starting to wonder if I might become one of those who does not watch TV news anymore. It's a hard habit to break. A lot of my friends don't bother with it. Time will tell.

Eric Pickles was on.

An odd moment during the show came when a UKIP supporter stuck his hand up in what looked like a Nazi salute. He then held it like that during his answer. It seemed unintentional but was noticed by many on Twitter.

I think it was Jeanette Winterson, her wikipedia here, who mentioned the keywords "direct democracy". For reference this woman is an Oxbridge educated O.B.E. Unelected but powerful, thanks to the establishment. Her use of the phrase direct democracy was in reference to the debate about the NHS as I recall.
This in reference to the Lib Dem bloke who was wearing a crap pink shirt.

I could have said thumb head.
Or called him out as a Sontaran off of Dr Who

Writing this summary is worthwhile for me as a reminder, I need to stop watching BBC Question Time. It encourages all my worst character traits. All bets are off for me when it comes to politicians. The only things I don't advocate against them are lies (because the truth about them is bad enough) and violence. Normally I try to avoid being too cruel to people verbally but these characters, who live off stolen money, I feel they need to be reminded that they are held in absolute contempt by most of us

While I was producing Jon Gaunt on FUBAR radio I received an email from Owen Jones declining an interview request. It was clear from the email that he'd heard of me. I strongly suspect this is because of my blog and Twitter account. Politicians will be the same. After an appearance on Question Time there's no doubt in my mind that they will scan the #bbcqt hash tag to see how they did. Then, their egos probably drive them to read blogs like this one.
Well, in the event you do read this, any of you, let me tell you straight. You're on borrowed time. Not because a violent revolution is on the way but because the internet is going to render you obsolete. Your profession is becoming irrelevant. A revolution in the head is coming.

Which brings us to the simply awful Harriet Harmen.
I think the truth is, most people simply don't know what the PIE thing is. Many of my friends have learned, in the words of Orwell, that "ignorance is strength". They ignore the news deliberately because it's so awful.
The standard Labour line now, which all of them parrot off, is that any criticism of the NHS is therefore an attack on the staff. They always try to frame it as an attack on the lowest paid staff. It's pretty much their only response.
Then again, when you hear people who seem to think taxation and Government are not about profits and only evil coporations have greed inherent within them., you kind of feel glad you are watching it. If only to point that out how absurd that idea is.

It can surely only be ignorance that keeps the whole system going. I think that's why I continue to watch Question Time and tweet furiously, then stay up well past my bedtime writing blog posts. I keep hoping that more and more people, en masse, will realise the depths of depravity to which our political system has sunk. Then collectively we can look at why and how that has happened and fix it all. I'm probably being hopelessly naive, like all political idealists.

The picture below both illustrates my above point and acts as a link to a story which could set you on a path of discovery. Ignorance is strength to the individual but collectively it's very dangerous. The net filters information. Some of the revelations now in the public domain are still being sorted out. Harriet Harmen's days in politics though must now surely be numbered. 

Precise 45 degree angle nose.

It's amazing how "generous" these characters are with other people's money.
Cut our taxes? Nah, got to give your money away to people you'll never meet and don't know.
MPs will get 10 per cent pay rise, expenses watchdog says - Telegraph.

So there we are. That's all you need to know about Question Time. They're still awful people.


Rob Someone said…
Rather more interesting than Question Time - an especially dismal edition .....
.....just wondering if anyone saw Nick's two mates John Gaunt and Little Lord Jones talking together on Newsnight.

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