127 - Vegans, Aliens met the President, face analysis, reincarnation, and kick ass moves!

Rob Jackson the vegan, his web presence is here. He tolerated a lot of nonsense to get his message over back then. Interesting how some of my viewpoints have shifted and some stayed the same here. Good piece. This looks like him: http://fuckyeahveganlife.tumblr.com/post/37293420117


Manuel Kirklin, a witness to the President's incredible meeting with aliens. At this point I was in my full on true believer mode from the sounds of things. It was an interesting belief system at the time. Curiously close to outright Christianity.


Kristina Powell dives in for a bit of facial analysis. Quite an interesting piece.


Tom Robisheaux's web profile is here: https://history.duke.edu/people/thomas-robisheaux


Jenny Cockell features on Wikipedia here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jenny_Cockell


Chris Crudelli's web presence is here: http://www.crudelli.com/Chris_Crudelli/The_moment_weve_been_waiting_for.html


The music is from Quisling Meet, they tweet here.


I am Nick Margerrison, I tweet here, but not at the moment.

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Evan said…
Hiya Nick,

Love the show. I've been an official Cult member for a few weeks now. #127 had great stuff but the Face Analysis bit might be the dumbest thing I've heard on this or any other podcast. Had to FFwd half way through that segment.
Also, I have a conspiracy theory that only you can verify. I think you're staying off twitter so listeners ( like me) have to leave a comment on the blog.
Well done, sir!
Dave Voce said…
Hi Nick, another great show. Wing Chun is a fantastic martial art by the way and great fun to learn. And regarding the past lives, i just wanted to say that I remembered a past life, but unfortunatly just the death bit. But anyway, about this bloody sea of poppies, am I alone in thinking that it's an obscene representation of all the people that have needlessly slaughtered, and I'm even thinking that it might be demonic!
Paul Munkey said…
Jenny Cockell is very convincing in her after life story, but reading Joe Nickell's website (http://www.csicop.org/sb/show/case_of_reincarnation_reexamined) and him having a different take on it, I think maybe she is a creative person who wants to sell her book
Electric Toast said…
Hi Nick, I'm shocked (!)at your comments about the equality of animals and think you've bypassed your usual deliberation on all matters (here's where we need the live radio phone-ins). You state humans have precedence and that's the end of the matter due to you also being a human. But what about those "scum" in prison (I'm not talking about the people who don't pay their TV licence) this is about the murderers, rapists. Your views are well known on these people (lock 'em up... build more prisons) Didn't I hear somewhere or other you have/had a cat? what if it were a choice of your cat or the murderer? (aha now you are coming round) what about any cat or dog or the murderer? (you didn't watch Lassie?) ok so if you are with me it's the cat right? what about a sheep or goat or the murderer? at what point do you say the murderer or rapist deserves to live more than the sheep, rabbit, mouse, ant. Then again, if it transpires we are reincarnated into animals...well that's another story....
Electric Toast said…
How 'bout this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k2NAohPcT4U

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