128 - A Quest For Gnosis

Gabriel D. Roberts and Aaron Cheak join us for a chat about the concepts behind "Gnosis" and "Alchemy". Both experts in their field it's worth looking at Gabriel's homepage here http://www.gabrieldroberts.com/ and Aaron's is here http://www.aaroncheak.com


Chris Rawlins is a memory expert. He sent me a copy of his book, I'm looking forward to reading it and will review it on the podcast in the future. His website is here: http://www.irememberthings.co.uk/


The Decadent Marsupials provide the music this week.


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Nick Margerrison

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Steve said…
Hi Nick, Podcast #128 was significant to me for a few reasons.

I have a much better understanding of Gnosis. A subject which has always intrigued me.

I found a new band/musician that I really enjoy in Decadent Marsupials

I have now listened to the entire back catalog. After listening to this episode I am now a fully fledged member of the cult.

And, you mentioned me in the podcast! I'm the guy who posted the comment re: becoming a member at the end of every episode.

Coincidence? Synchronicity? Who cares, it's big fun.

Keep up the good work
Nick are you alone scratching your arse and smelling your fingers? Love the show, its the best thing about Tuesdays at the minute. Thank you for introducing me to some new and interesting concepts, I've officially listened to every single Cult cast.

I actually tried to cast a spell a couple of weeks ago, buggar all happened, but maybe it did and i'm too daft to notice.

Cheers bud, I'm off for a pint.
Brian Platt said…
Greeting Mr M, as of the moment I've completed my initiation into thy Cultage. It was Gordon White of Rune Soup that introduced me to your rants and since that episode you've pretty much filled my working days with amusing fewd for thought.

Now I have to work out if I want to be a member of a cult that would have me as a member.

In the mean-time I would like to put forward a proposition and meditation on how sigils may work based on the observations of a fool with several suppositions and assumptions which may (or may not) render any (or all) points redundant.

Assumption the first: consciousness is non-local to your meat suit.

Assumption the second:
we exist in a multiverse of infinite probabilities. An infinite number of realities are born and die with the state change of each and every quantum event.

The act of creating a sigil involves identifying an outcome (with a definable probability), once cast, energised and given intent consciousness begins to shift through the emergent probabilities to find a reality in which the conditions already exist.

High probability outcomes are those where the journey is shortest, changing an aspect of how you deal with the reality in which you find yourself yourself for example. For low probability enchantment we're talking about winning big on the lottery, highly random and with a significant number of other people also trying to shift themselves into that particular reality.

As the reality mesh warps around the movement of intent we experience the fallout/shockwaves though synchronicities although these are in no way suitable for tracking anything other than their occurrence. You'd have to be more aware than myself to tell if a higher or lower occurrence of snchornicities or shows progress or hinderance to the progress of the sigil/intent.

Because magic is essentially "a dick" and is likely to take the easiest path tooutcome it's important to build in the pre-emptive error correction and self preservation conditions into the original statement of intent, the more code you build in though the longer the journey can end up due to the limited range of probabilities that are left available to the navigating whatever-it-is-that-is-doing-the-navigating.

In addition to this the old 'lust for result' may well kick in to disturb the navigation process with a nagging "are we there yet?" or an additional charge of intent/energy that knocks the current navigational path off axis. Although some correctly directed inertia may well help push things along which largely contradicts the previous statement.

In the current mind view that I've chosen to adopt at the moment, most of this happens most of the time anyway and all the sigil really does in coalesce a form specific of intent to direct how we drift through the infinite probabilities each moment provides access to.

Tomorrow I might change one of my minds on this but right now this approach pleases me and fits how I've chosen to experience that which we laughingly call 'reality'

Hope that tickles you slightly


Viscerart (aka Thee-Interloper)

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