129 - A troll who went to jail, a mystic who speaks sense and a song from an ex

John Nimmo is our first guest. He tells his story well. There's additional detail here:



The lovely Urtema Dolphin is here: http://www.urtemadolphin.com/


And SheBeat music can be found here: https://twitter.com/shebeatmusic


and here: https://soundcloud.com/shebeat


For various dull technical reasons I couldn't manage to put a track from the EP on so what you have is a Red Sofa Sessions version from here: http://youtu.be/ThsCeW-n0mw?list=PLnd9k6Crmlxk_qAiJEJbevD3Sw7rvTnbd

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Good show Nick, had to google John Nimmo, couldn't believe what I was hearing, no doubt he tweeted some nasty things, but are they not just words, a collection of letters, filtered through a computer screen where the offended party could just block and move on?

it puzzles me this one - Wondering was he offered any professional help to get to the bottom of his anger or obsessive vitriol or was he just punished and cast aside - he spent 4 weeks with an armed blagger and treated as a celebrity in prison, what lessons is our society learning here? It wouldn't surprise me after his obvious remorse - a deeper feeling of resentment sets in and seeds in that same part of him that inspired those initial tweets -

Now he's doing radio, and TV and is given a bit of a spotlight, when again he could have just been blocked and ignored - I am not wishing any harm on anybody, but this whole notion of punishing a person for sharing words is draconian and scary to me.

Keep up the good work mate.
Anonymous said…
Hello Nick
Another great episode as always, but I just wanted to let you know that this episode and the previous have had some very distracting and intermittent background noise/static. The noise gate was also flickering on and off in this episode which made it a bit harder to listen to.
Nevertheless a really interesting and fun podcast as always!
Nicholarse said…
RE: Sound issues.


There were major problems with the studio where I record. I initially thought I'd lost the interviews entirely to this awful hiss which was picked up when I saved the work onto a memory stick.

I think it's something to do with the settings on one of the computers. The last interview I did (with a life coach, yet to be aired) has no issues that I can see or hear so far.

It's strangely comforting to have someone notice it because I spent so much time mucking about with the processing to try to remove the hiss. Once I'd cleaned it up I kind of felt like my hard work was going to have to go without credit fortunately it was only a partial success.

It took around two hours. After mucking about with different gates and filters I then debated whether I should mention the issue on the podcast. I like bantering away about this and that during the show and it was something that was on my mind. I only didn't mention it because it can be off putting if pointed out and it's now at a tolerable level.

The reason I'm now giving you a long reply about it is because this comment ticks a box for me. I reckon the majority of people who listen, many of them on these sites that now stream it, won't have spotted it. They are the outer edges of the cult, the casual listeners.

I see those people who actually log onto this site and comment as the inner core, the higher initiates. Long term I find it reassuring if this cluster of people keep me on my toes. If I cock up an episode it's good to know I'll get called on it here.

I've done a bunch of radio shows in the past where you start with the late slot and no one is listening and they don't really care what you do. I'm used to building up audiences. In fact I prefer that to the alternative where you try to take over from an already successful show. That's always felt a little bit like cheating to me.

This podcasting thing though is the first time I've ever built up an audience entirely from scratch. In the past I've always had people around me who were paid to sort stuff like audio quality. Not so any more. Just me trying to fix it. I'd genuinely feel all on my own in that were it not for people giving feedback!

We're clocking in around 2k unique downloads per show at the moment, my first few months it was more like a hundred. However unlike previously this time it really feels like I've got back up. That's you. An anonymous comment in the darkness.

Your comment represents "the Ghost in the machine" which we're seeing emerge from the depths of our subconscious. Masked by a film and based on an idea cooked up by an occultist.

Phew - not going on twitter is driving me up the wall!

No place to put these purple prose style mumblings...
Brian Platt said…
Wotcha Mr M

With regards to John Nimmo, I can only surmise that what he tweeted must have been particularly inflammatory to get that kind of attention, that said while I also advocate free speech and believe that words in and of themselves only hold as much power as the recipient gives them I'm going to approach this from a slightly different viewpoint.

This incident and others isn't so much about the right to free speech as much as it is about making examples of people that might not have the capacity or foresight to think about what they're communicating. Instead of citing 'free speech' what about 'responsible speech'.

To give you an example, if I went into a city centre, stood on a soapbox with a megaphone and continually proclaimed that a public figure was a cunt, how long do you think it would be before someone complained to the police and I was forcibly removed? However if I did the same but outlined the reasons behind why I thought they were cunty and let people come to their own conclusions the message is likely to be far more successful.

NB, anyone that is offended by the use of the word 'cunt' in the previous paragraph can fuck off... or to quote Scroobius Pip

"If I say 'fuck' a lot well then I may gain more attention;
If I say 'cunt' well then with some of you there will be tension."

Uterma Dolphin was delightful but she got me thinking about the accepted paradigms she's working in. It's ever so easy to use obscure mystical phrases about frequencies and virbations but I rarely hear anyone go into detail about how they operate - although it's likely that such questions would be taken as an attack.

I'd also like to pose an open question to any Wiccan's you might have listening as this is a genuine point of curiosity. Some time ago you had the interview with the ghost hunting crew and spoke to a White Wiccan. She mentioned the Wiccan law of threes in that any bad you send out comes back threefold because when you point at someone you have three fingers pointing back at you.

To me this seems to be confusing a metaphor with a thing and I've done some cursory digging about teh interwebs and see this repeated a fair bit. I'd love to hear from a Wiccan how they quantify this and what their perceived method of operation of this principle is.

It's the specific nature that gets me, 3 is a big number in Wicca but it seems oddly out of context (in my limted perspective of the world).

My own working model for fallout from curses is similar to heckling a standup comedian. If you're sharper than the comedian, more experienced or coming at them from an angle that they'd never expect then you've got a pretty good chance of de-railing them and undermining their confidence (incidentally getting on the wick of the rest of the audience - you twat!) but any standup that's got a good grounding in the fundamentals is going to be prepared with some put downs and if your heckle is weak and provides openings for the comedian to go to town on you you're going to end up being humiliated.

Hail Eris, Praise Bob and do the Hokey-Kokey

(still not sure personality is writing these comments, or why)
Potla said…
Hi Nick,
It's great to hear that the podcast is reaching such high numbers; the time seems to have passed so quickly since you said that there were only around 600 listeners.

It can be a real pain in the arse when you only realise there are audio problems after the piece is recorded. But all things considered you seem to have done a good job of filtering it out, and I’m really glad you managed to salvage the interviews, they opened up a lot of questions in my mind, particularly the guys on The Quest For Gnosis episode.

This leads me to another thought; I’ve been reading lot about outer body experiences and astral projection lately. After having lucid dreams by following the techniques explained in your earlier podcasts, an interest in Astral Projection has arisen.

A lot of dots have been connecting in my mind as of late. The lady who you interviewed about previous lives appeared on both this podcast and The Unexplained podcast which I also listen to. She talked a lot about her previous lives, but the intriguing stuff for me is what happens between lives. When you’re actually dead. After listening to a lot of other interviews and reading ramblings on the internet there does seem to be some common theme of people being able to see from all angles in the universe at once. Many people seeing time as a tangible object, as their perspective is changed to that of some other dimension.

I hear a lot of people who remember their deaths, or have had outer body experiences lose the fear of death as they understand that there is nothing to fear, as our consciousness is only partially accessed by our bodies. And as this is one of the all-time fears of humans, I find it fascinating to hear about such radical claims.

Then I listened to your piece at the end of last week’s podcast, where you discussed a similar experience that happened to you, seeing everything, from everywhere all at once. The more I read, the more I hear the more I am intrigued and feel that perhaps the universe is nudging me to explore this further. (Or I’m going nuts..)

So, without having any desire to use drugs, other than meditation I have been trying to Astral Project, or in other words have an outer body experience. I feel like I have got close on some occasions, but never manage to get past this weird state where everything in my body vibrates.
I was wondering if you could interview someone who knows how to Astral Project, and could explain it and give us a bit of guidance on how to achieve it? Because I think it’s a really interesting topic and fits well with many of the ideas behind this podcast.

Sorry about the long comment anyway Nick.. Loving the podcast as always, and get back on twitter man before you explode!

Ghost in the machine
Ryan T ;)

P.S. don’t worry about having to read this rambling mess out on the podcast. I’ve always struggled with word limits :)
Electric Toast said…
Hi Nick, I had a little gander at your ex's soundcloud and found this great little track Supermoon Lover. Instantly I'm hearing harmonies and a cello in the lofts of my head but even as it is and maybe because it's stripped back - it's hauntingly beautiful. I imagine it would work really well on a film track/glimpses of She Beat with silver crescent moons on her eyes/brow. I'd recommend cultists to take a listen https://soundcloud.com/shebeat

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