130 Magic tricks and self help gurus

Knoxville Geeks were an odd pair. It's one of the stranger pieces of radio I'm responsible for.


Michael Serwa is here: http://www.michaelserwa.com/


Congratulations to Daisy Eris on her wedding! Yes, there was a wedding as well. It was an excellent weekend!


Tom Binns and I continue to do a podcast. Do subscribe: http://tombinns.libsyn.com/episode-six


Nick Margerrison - tweets here: www.twitter.com/nickmargerrison


Music by Decadent Marsupials who SoundCloud here: https://soundcloud.com/decadentmarsupials


And, as always, music by Quisling Meet, who tweet, here: https://twitter.com/quislingmeet


Also - weird Chi Guy is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k2NAohPcT4U

Check out this episode!


Dave Voce said…
Hi Nick

I think you should go for it and podcast full time and it's fair enough to ask for a subscription, there are several ways of doing it such as offering an extra bit for subscribers or just an email or access to a forum. A quid a month is fairly inconsequential to most people. I pay for half a dozen podcasts and I'm happy to do so as I enjoy listening to them and feel that I'm learning something. I also don't pay a licence fee so I see it as using that money in a more constructive way.

Cheers, Dave
Brian Platt said…
Howdy Mr M,

I second the motion that you should go for it. I'd be happy to pay several poundage per month for your weekly mindblast, well worth it.

The wonder of teh internets is that it the model of patronage has shifted from the single individual or organisation with large stacks of the cash looking to exploit an idea or artist to a model where the many can fund their own entertainment from individuals that tickle them.

I enjoyed your response to the point about responsible speech, but how the blimmin' flip did you get on to 'respectable speech', that's a bit of a tangent. The Savile point you made doesn't make sense as a counter argument to my main point which was largely about making sure that you can say what you like as long as it can be backed up with enough facts to get people to think and question.

Adopting the responsibility for my own words, I've chosen to post here under my actual name though my Google profile and accept any future fallout purely to see what will happen, potentially me posting thoughts on magic or getting an innocent podcaster to drop the 'c' bomb could come back and bite me on the bum if a potential future employer happened to Google my name and reads through these rambles. Such is the price of freedom of expression or thought. Thus I sacrifice anonymity for a higher purpose.

I'll close with this point, going back a few episodes you made a fine point about terrorists being responsible for terrorism, does the logical extension of that point not extend to what you post through social networking?

Apologies for another long one.

That pesky eschaton won't immanentize itself.

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