Emily Thornbury shows how Labour isn't working.

It's 12 minutes past 3 and this politician's career is now over. She just doesn't realise it. What precisely was going on in her mind is impossible to know: Many detect, or maybe project, a smug titter. The replies to the tweet are interesting:

It doesn't take long for people to start retweeting it. Then the Mail Online picks it up as a story and she's giving statements to the media. This only makes the situation worse. People are far too quick to apologise these days.

Meanwhile this tweet sits in Thornberry's twitter feed. It was the 15th of November 2012. Had Labour's PR people been able to discover this tweet in time she could have weathered the storm. Instead, drawn into the immediacy of the moment, Miliband, with challenges over his leadership, stumbles into the situation and gives her a "proper telling off".

"The lady doth protest..."

Then, she resigns.

Just as articles in her defence were being penned: This Picture Shows The Scandal Over MP's Rochester Picture Is Manufactured.  In other words, the stomach for the fight was gone before the loyal counter attacks had even begun. So concerned about the truths being meted out to them online are Miliband and his union mates that they allow social media to dictate the agenda now. This is a political party in absolute shambles, certainly not fit to pretend to Govern.

Buzz Feed finds White Van Man


Darren Pettinger said…
Nick, I don't get it, why was it a problem that the person had George Cross flags? and why was it a problem for her to take a picture of it? and why did this cause a shit storm on twitter? and why was Miliband upset?

I'm lost.
Nicholarse said…
All perfectly valid questions.

They live in their own little world. This is a good example of that.
big dave said…
you are missing all the #cameronmustgo fun on twitter

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