Question Time on the 6th of November

Matt Forde ex-Talksport
Matt Forde was on it. Most people won't have heard of him but I have because he used to appear opposite me, on Talksport, when I was on LBC overnights[1]. I'm a bit jealous to be honest, I'd love a crack at Question Time. He opened well and did a pretty good impression of Ed Milliband, power thumb point included. Side note, what's with that power thumb point they all do? It annoys me.

The first question was about political parties and the "crisis" in mainstream politics. I can't help but recall the awesome performance put in by Peter Hitchens when answering a similar question, almost precisely a year ago. It's possibly the moment Question Time peaked for me. I've posted it as a YouTube video for you. Watch it and begin to understand why I like him, even though I don't agree with his politics.

The irony of him being interrupted by Owen Jones and then told by a politician to "get with the programme" is surely not lost on most. In doing so they prove his point for him.

There was a nice moment about 17 minutes in when Douglas Alexander took a good old telling from a little lad who looked all of 19. This is what I like about Question Time. The occasional moment when a politician is made to look like an arse. Usually a slapped one.

Told by a teenager 17mins in.
There was a very strong pro-UKIP vibe coming from the audience. This tweet might explain why:

Despite this there was a huge round of applause for the pro-immigration point made by a member of the audience. I've said before that UKIP are making a huge mistake branding themselves as an "anti-immigration" party. It's what snapped me out of my haze of sympathy toward them. If their only focus was to get out of the EU world order they might have tricked me into supporting them. Fortunately they started spurting out other policies.

Or maybe that's unfortunate. When the referendum comes, or perhaps that should be "if", I'll be voting to get out. My reasoning? The political class want to stay in. What I suspect could lose us the vote is UKIP's support for an EU-exit.

Huge applause for pro-immigration question.

Currently I'm on a Twitter break. That's why I didn't watch this episode live. However I decided to review it after I was told they finally covered the CSA Inquiry.

Finally someone is allowed to question the CSA Inquiry
The resulting discussion was pretty dull and, frankly, two weeks to late. Scanning through the #bbcqt hashtag it's nice to see some of my tweets and pictures being used by fellow tweeters who also feel strongly that the BBC's flagship news show should cover this story more often. The most interesting suggestion was that perhaps the UK needs an outsider to look into the problem. An official from Canada or the US. Solid idea I think.
The discussion felt very controlled and uncomfortable. I can't help but think it was allowed because of pressure from Twitter.

They wrapped up with a discussion about devolution. I'm inclined to think my failure to predict the outcome of the Scottish referendum has overshadowed the still likely intent of this divide and rule tactic. In essence I think I was right, the EU does want a divided nation. My misunderstanding was that I assumed the Scottish were going to fall for it.

Nick Margerrison.

[1] The UK talk radio scene is small. The BBC don't really do it. They do "speech" radio and it's, almost without exception, dreadful. The only interesting stuff is commercial radio and due to massive over regulation it's almost impossible to justify financially.


cockneyreject said…
I thought you weren't going to throughout November? I guess the following along on Twitter while watching but not tweeting worked out then eh? I gotta say you've surely got more discipline than I have then. I get so mad watching those clowns I just have to, hence generally watching on 'catch up' to lessen the temptation!

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