Russell Brand - Parklife

The presence of Russell Brand in the media landscape gives me hope. He used to represent all that was wrong in that world, overtly trivial, tedious and inexplicably popular. Now though he's nailing points I've been aching to see in the mainstream for years. The fact he liked David Icke was an early sign he was going to be good value. Now though, as he responds to the internet meme which compares his polysyllabic ramblings to Phil Daniels's performance on the 90's classic "Parklife", he's close to becoming a legend.

The meme began on Twitter. When I first saw it I wanted to ignore it and hope it went away because I'm turning into a fan and I thought witty mockery would be the beginning of the end. The above video shows you how, by embracing it, he's shown it's his critics who are the ones who are taking life too seriously, not him. And thusly, he wins.

I hate the fact I'm about to write these next few words and ask my more astute readers to forgive me, I don't agree with everything he says. I'm just glad he's trying to say something. Fame is a gift handed to people who often have spent so long trying to achieve it that once they do they're lost for meaningful words. The consequence is they end up saying things like "buy Coca Cola", "go to McDonalds", or "this is The BBC", usually because money. Brand is clearly trying to use his position to say and do something worthwhile and trigger a change in human consciousness.

I think fellow Discordians and C.O.N members should try and add to that. It's been a theme of this blog and the podcast for quite some time now.

The line of counter attack from most seems to be that he's not a serious political commentator. That to me is a bonus. I find the demagogues and politicians who people do take seriously quite a worry. Someone who says he cures the desolate awfulness of life with a 'sexy shirt and how it feels on my nipples' is not running the risk of that. Instead his act demands intelligent viewers think for themselves.

In the unlikely event he ever reads this, keep it up and I'm sorry for saying mean things about you when I was on Kerrang.



Anonymous said…
Hi Nick, I'm with you on Russell Brand, at least he gets people thinking and brings some alternative thinking to the mainstream. A colleague of mine who has started to watch RT News but that's about as far as it goes in terms of alternative news has been amazed by what Russell has to say in his latest book. Keep up the great work, as a fully paid up member of the CON you've really changed Tuesdays for the better.


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