We're putting pictures of our society online that are deeply shameful

90 year old man faces jail for daring to feed the homeless:
"A 90-year-old man is facing jail and a hefty fine for feeding the homeless.
Arnold Abbott was arrested and charged, along with two local church ministers, for giving food to homeless people. They face 60 days in jail and a $500 fine for their crimes.
It comes after the City of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where the events took place, recently changed laws around giving food to the homeless."
America and the UK have much in common. A similar incident to this one is likely in our near future. We already put up spikes to make sure tramps have nowhere to sleep.
The bit I don't understand is how anyone manages to rationalise these behaviours. The above picture is taken from an interesting Guardian article about 'hostile architecture'. It highlights the fact that some people make money by thinking about how to make life for homeless people even harder. We're a society, supposed to be a unit, a family of sorts. How can hammering spikes into the ground like this be seen to support that view?

Dehumanising people and treating them as animals is the root cause of inhuman behaviour. I keep thinking people will snap out of it. I've always been an optimist in this sense.
If you were one of the police who shouted "drop that plate right now,’ at a 90 year old trying to feed people, you'd have to have an interesting philosophy to explain yourself. I'm curious as to what it might be:
"Pah, stupid homeless people need to take responsibility for themselves"
"Pah, do-gooding old man, encouraging scum to hang around my city".
"Uh, that made me feel powerful".

Whatever it is it won't stand the test of time.
I believe in people. I have faith in them like a Christian has faith in their invisible God. I think we're essentially good but have no real evidence to support my view. Only faith.
Nick Margerrison


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