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131 - Astral Travel and The Biblical End Times

I end with audio from this YouTube video here:


Dr L.A. Marzulli blogs here:


Todd Acamesis, the Astral Travel guy, is here:


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Another goody Nick mate, astral projects love all that - I had a dream the other night where i was looking in a mirror and became my girlfriend - no idea what this means something perverted I'm sure - but i had this definite sense of not being in my body and being in hers - it woke me up it was so jarring - probably just a load of old bollocks but i found the phenomena intriguing.

Anyway don't sell yourself short with this fiver a year, there might not be enough core cult members as yet to sustain you at that - take a look at these subscription prices for comparative (in a sense) podcasts -

Red Ice: 5 quid monthly
Mysterious Universe: 6 quid monthly
Coast to Coast AM Insider: 5 quid monthly
The Higherside Chats: 3 quid monthly

I'd say your best bet is a couple quid a month - do a 2 hour show one hour is free - the second hour is for subscribers - if you do 4 shows a month - thats 50pence per extra hour - you can't buy a bag of chips for that.

Keep up the good work old chap.

Boomshanka said...

Brilliant interview with Todd Acamesis this week, Nick. Totally mind-battering. Probably my my second favourite interview on The C.O.N. (after Alan Moore of course).

Keep up the good work.

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