132 Lucid Dreaming David Jay Brown

David Jay Brown is a consciousness explorer. His Wikipedia entry ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Jay_Brown ) has more detail. My notes on this interview are simple, I think it's one of the best I've done.

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Nick Margerrison

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Excellent show Nick, David Jay Brown - what a guest! Curious have you started your own lucid dream regime again ? Hows that going ? - this concept of looking up while dreaming and talking to the dream itself (or the intelligence behind it) is mind blowing -

Not sure what I think and thats the way i like it ! - keep throwing those challenges and conscious curve balls at us, its appreciated.
Anonymous said…
Hey Nick ten_tens here, loved the lucid dreaming episode mate, I was recently able to do it following your earlier shows, in this dream I was able to talk the dreamworld people, some denied that this was a dream some believed but were afraid of what might happen to them if I woke up but strangely enough there was one man that knew I was dreaming and told me a lot about myself, I couldn't see his face because he was on the other side of a painted blue window which he was washing for some reason, he told me his name (which I can't remember for the life of me cos it was so strange) and said if I ever want to come back to this strange land I have to drink red wine and coke and say his name, freaky anyway mate thanks for another good show iv dropped a fiver in the tin
Brian Platt said…
Howdy Mr M,

Greatly enjoying the path the cast seems to be on re Astral/Lucid stuffs. Some fascinating insights on the last couple of casts.

Why so excited? Things I have bought recently: page per day diary for 2015 and a pen with a light up tip for nocturnal ramblings.

I've drifted in and out of bouts lucidity work over the years and what always seems to happen is that after an initial intense bout of questioning reality I get more aware until I'm able to get lucid. Then I usually decide to do me some flying, and float off, which is what wakes me up. After that incident life gets in the way and I don't spend so much time on reality checks during the day which makes lucidity harder.

Lather, rinse, and repeat this cycle of the course of a couple of decades.

Resolution has been made that the upcoming calendar year will break this cycle of behaviour and get me some quality extended dream time goodness.

If this is going to be an extended arc of the C.O.N.-cast it seems the next logical question is: who's up for building an astral temple to the C.O.N.?

Or is that just too much of a group exercise?

All hail storms (bloody weather!).
Electric Toast said…
Hi Nick, Great Great show - fascinating guest - only point I'm still contemplating (which is good) is that our atoms contain the universe. My reasoning mind contemplated on the idea we could be a microcosm of the whole (the universe) the cell is very much like the sun to look at - and our planet could be a tiny part of the whole of "God" like a giant version of all the solar systems, but the reverse, hmmn that'll give my brain a good bit of exercise. You might be interested to know after listening to the podcast (having had some brain exercise), I've had a series of "insights" in my waking hours. You referenced morphic resonance (which as I understand it is conceptualised inside of the person) but a slightly different concept came to me .... imagine in the ether loads of orbs (flat orbs) like transparent discs, floating out much like ripples in water. They're everywhere at every moment coming from the original source. Each orb is a memory, an experience, a person. The orbs will get less translucent as they travel, less powerful (like sound & vibration) but when you (at some level) recognise that signature/pattern, you connect with it - therefore replaying into your morphic programming. However, if you recognise the orb (the situation, experience) with a conscious knowingness - you can change it - if you choose, it's like you shine a light to the translucent orb, that "aha" light which reflects back to the original orb which like a reflective light "blinds it" therefore cancelling it out and so cancels out the original programming. If it's a good connection of course you can keep it, the message to the orb is all about intention.

Also....a little thought about the other matter you were discussing. When you die I figured there was a little truth in everything especially when these concepts have been handed down throughout history. When we die we go to heaven...yes.... there's a shaft of light...yes... but we go not to heaven but the heavens....we become stars (after all we are made from stars or so some scientists tell us). People always say their dear departed will be looking down on them - perhaps they are, but not as they know it. I find this a very comforting thought & what an amazing experience it will be.
Keep up the great work.
I have an idea for interview subject which I have just discovered - Biolumanetics http://www.worlditc.org/h_05_macy_luminator_results_2002.htm
although I have my own theories here....but that's for another day
derek b said…
just my opinion, but i'd leave out the Tom Binns, i tried listening to his podcast but he comes off a tad obnoxious and not that enlightened.

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