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133 - Occupy protester who was arrested on Russia Today joins us to explain himself

Donnachadh McCarthy features this week.
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Stuart Hill's wikipedia is here:

Also - from the archives - Master Cosmic, who I can't find an online profile of...

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Nick Margerrison

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cockneyreject said...

Right that's me reinitiated then, another interesting podcast Nick. Never fails.
If anyone's interested I dug this piece regarding the outcome of Stuart Hill's 'consular vehicle' case mentioned in the interview from the internetz.

Dave Voce said...

Hi Nick, the only bit I can remember from last nights dream was when I asked for the number, somebody (I don't know who) told me, so I walked off feeling pleased with myself until I realised that they were all too large to be combination numbers, 46 was one of them, so I asked for the proper numbers, I can't remember the exact code but I remember the pattern and strangely the colour, and I'm fairly sure of the first one. I'll let you know just before next tuesday what I think it is, as I don't want to influence anyone.

Dave Voce said...

Hi again, ok so I think it may be 1001 or 1991 or something like that (numbers 1, 0 and 9), or of course it could be something completely different, but even if it is completely wrong it was just a bit wierd dreaming that anyway. Cheers, Dave

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