134 CJ Stone's work: a short introduction to British counter culture.

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The Isle of Wight clip comes from here: MESSAGE TO LOVE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mn4inouy0QM

The "Operation Solstice" audio is from this video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JHyDaAXw8Ck

Ian Bone's radical politics featured on The Jonathan Ross Show: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vciXxY5ADoA

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Nick Margerrison

PS - Cockney Rebel's link to an article here: http://www.theguardian.com/uk/2011/dec/15/shetland-stuart-hill-community-service

And the SkyNews piece: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rhvLS4_Ybr8

The prophetic words of Aaron Russo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qNtAuCsIIxU

Also, I wrote a blog entry about these weird gloves: http://margerrisons.blogspot.co.uk/2014/12/barclays-payment-gloves-microchip-agenda.html

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Nick Margerrison

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Anonymous said…
Great podcast (the CON as a whole and this episode in particular). Enjoyed hearing about the Diggers. You're probably aware of it, but there's a great podcast called Revolutions that covered the Diggers and some of the other English revolutionary groups in some detail several months ago if you're interested. Keep up the great work and thanks for the gift you give us each Tuesday.
Rob Someone said…
I asked about your childhood padlock number at our last Bilberberg Group meeting. Apparently it's the same as your RFID number.
Am I right ?
Do I get a prize ?

Another great show Nick, brightened up my Christmas Eve no end - hope you managed to survive the festive season without coming unhinged at the mass hypocrisy, mass consumerism, and mass Christian assault on the senses. Looking forward to seeing what you do next year when the Cult goes pro.

Just my opinion, I would take the limit off the donations so people can donate what they want not what they are told to, no parameters! Let the people decide what the Cult is worth!

Cheers old chap, have a happy new year!
Anonymous said…
Greetings from South Carolina Nick! Love the podcast, I may have fallen behind on my prerequisite listening, however I am excited for the C.O.N. going professional. I chucked 2.30 pounds in the tin which came out to $3.68, I'll let you figure out any synchronicity there.
Potla said…
Hello Nick,

I have been continuing my efforts to Astral project as explained in a previous comment a few weeks ago. Progress is slow, but following Robert Monroe's Hemi-Sync audio program is definitely helping, and I am slowly starting to see a change in my consciousness and way of thinking.

The reason for this comment however is to explain a lucid dream that I accidentally triggered this morning, after waking up and trying to astral project…. So I'm listening to a guided meditation, and accidentally fall asleep. Rather than Astral Projecting I'm suddenly in a dream and standing in front of a mirror. I'm looking at myself, and my teeth start to fall out as though they are attached to a plastic denture, and the plastic had started to get loose and melt. I'm frantically trying to push my teeth (attached to a string of gum) back into place in my mouth, and the teeth are all out of shape and misaligned. Although this seemed to fit worldy logic within the dream, there was a tiny part of me which vaguely remembered you (I may be mistaken) also having a crazy tooth dream, at which point in instantly questioned reality. Although I didn’t expect anything to happen, I performed the “pinch nose and try to breathe” reality test explained by a previous guest and suddenly, I knew it. I could breathe!

The moment I realised I was in the dream, within a split second, the living room I was standing in had lost all of its furnishings, its decoration, its colour. I was suddenly in an empty, dull and small room. I was excited to know that I was lucid dreaming and began to naturally fly, but remembered to keep calm and soon grounded myself. The analytical side of me, chose to walk over the window and try to get outside, but something strange happened. Every time I tried to get outside, I was forced back into this building, preventing me from leaving. So, I explore the building I am in. There are endless rooms of blank nothingness with nothing but old fashioned green doors, with fancy gold handles between them. I was trapped Nick. Trapped inside my own lucid dream, alone and unable to get out and explore the greater environment.

Upon waking, and analysing the dream… I can’t help but feel that there was some outside force, or perhaps psychological force keeping me within the boundaries of my reality. Perhaps this is why Astral Projection seems so far away. I’m not sure, what to really make of it. Would be great if anyone had any similar experiences or thoughts on it, so I thought it best to post my experience here.

Podcast is great at the moment, really sending my mind into new dimensions.. SEE YOU NEXT TUESDAY 
Ryan (Potla)
Electric Toast said…
(sorry it's late) but in relation to the contactless gloves....having a one world financial system isn't the only agenda here. http://news.sky.com/story/1396464/nerve-hack-offers-arthritis-sufferers-hope Take a look at this which at least tells it as it is - hacking into the nervous system. Problem - Reaction - Solution. You create the problem i.e. microwave pulses from mobiles, cordless phones & WIFI the reaction is the pain (only you don't tell people why they're in pain) some will join the dots, some will just think it's unexplained. Then hey presto the wonders of invention - they have an implantable device to cure your pain. i.e. how to get people to be micro-chipped - you cause them so much pain they'll do anything to get rid of it. It's all part of the TELEMED agenda which is being implemented through WIFI from Church of England churches who have been sold the idea that they'll be helping to create some new social enterprise, helping NHS cut costs etc. They'll be no more doctors surgeries just a screen to visit (we need your Orwellian oversight here Nick). Along with the SMART homes people will have their internal systems bugged to reveal the state of their health, maybe chipped under the skin but also they discuss pills that could contain RFID's to monitor from within. Frightnin' stuff huh.

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