135 - Podcast phone in

Our first contributor: https://twitter.com/Papachi03


He runs a T-shirt business nowadays: http://www.milltees.co.uk/


How to deal with TV licences: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xfHRhXW1hno


Tabitha Browne is here: https://soundcloud.com/tabitha-browne


Our third contributor here: https://twitter.com/1CC1_36006


HHOs explained here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GRzZiaZOew0


Cockney Reject: https://twitter.com/cockneyreject


The Three Amoviegos: https://twitter.com/3Amoviegos


This episode is the first to feature live callers.


Want to feature on a future episode?


1, Sign up to Twitter and Skype


2, Follow me on Twitter. I'll be arranging more in the future, not exactly sure when.


3, Get a nice microphone/headset.


4, Think of a topic you wanna roll on. I give people 5 minutes or so so make it interesting!



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Ryan said…
Great podcast Nick.

I too think that the BBC License Fee would be best paid for by other means. I have never understood why it's such an amazing thing that the BBC doesn't have adverts, i'd rather watch adverts than have to pay the fee ... not sure about other people.

The 'mad scientist' guy was excellent, we need more people like him in the world haha.

Keep up the good work! This format definitely works I think, I've never heard a podcast in the typical radio show call-in format before.
Great show Nick, I think you might be breaking new ground, it was great hearing the various Cult members, a proper eclectic bunch! it makes a lot of sense.

Wondering - what are your thoughts in Transcendental Meditation?

Cheers our kidda
Adam said…
Greetings Nick,

Interesting episode. "Find the others!" as Terence McKenna used to say.

This episode has inspired me to add my voice to mix. I'm perennial lurker online, mostly. In the past, I've had some enriching meatspace meetings with members of the Canadian podcast community. They used to put on a social media conference called PAB (Podcasters Across Borders) that gathered together like-minded people to share ideas. Made many valuable friendships over a few drinks I never would have otherwise. A Cult of Nick meetup is certainly worth pursuing. Phone-in forum is a brilliant format.

In 2010, I gave a talk at PAB called "Cult of Listener: Podcaster as shaman in the post-literate Global Theatre; or, How to recruit disciples and brainwash your audience for fun and profit" Basically I advocated the idea of podcasts as cults (yours is the first I've come across to actually take that approach). Despite being somewhat of a rambling mess, I managed to convey ideas synthesized from McKenna, Marshall McLuhan, Joseph Campbell and Alan Moore as if it was all being channeled through me. It was weird and wild. At some point I even anointed the entire audience as Popes of Discordia. Out of the whole thing, the slogan "Think outside the paradox" emerged as the prevailing aphorism. Unfortunately, the audio/video was lost but the slides survived. https://www.scribd.com/doc/36786163/Think-Outside-the-Paradox

If you ever want to Skype chat, I'd love to shoot the shit some time.

Guildford, Surrey
in British Columbia, Canada

Hail Eris! All Hail Discordia!
Ken Owen said…
you having this mate? in realms of UK free speech, regarding Katie Hopkins ebola tweets -


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