David Icke to be on The BBC's flagship political programme: Question Time

This is an idea which has the ring of genius about it, don't you think? I can already imagine what the consequences would be. Sheer #bbcqt awesomeness!

The show ended on a massive high with Russell Brand and Nigel Farage doling out some healthy common sense to the Great British public[1]. Now it's time for the grandaddy of them all, David Icke!

David is well known for his challenging political views. In the late 90's he argued that the British Monarchy were shape shifting blood drinking reptiles from the star constellation Draco. He believes they rule planet earth via a network of secret societies who answer to "The Babylonian Brotherhood".

Regularly selling out arenas world wide The Ickster has given speeches all over the world, including The Oxford Union. And loads of celebrities like him, Robbie Williams, Noel Gallagher. Russell Brand featured him on his hugely successful Radio 2 show many times.

He even stood for election a few years ago: http://news.sky.com/story/614101/david-icke-stands-in-by-election

To dismiss him as irrelevant politically is something the BBC have previously had to apologise for when a viewer asked why Mr Icke's powerful polemical invective had not already been provided as part of the BBC's public service remit.

However, the original question went unanswered.

Currently the mainstream media is only content to try to provide trivial platforms to those who believe the moon is a hollow construct designed to send bad vibes down to planet earth. Why is this? Surely an impartial broadcaster such as the BBC would be anxious to sign up one of the most popular political speakers in the world? How many of the Westmonster lot do you think could sell out an arena and write loads of bestselling books?

Check him out, he's ace.


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