138 - My first holiday since the podcast started

I've decided to take a fortnight off after this one.


This show is composed of archive stuff, including:


Douglas Rushkoff is here: http://www.rushkoff.com/

Doug Yurchey's website doesn't seem to work these days..

Dr Laurie Nadel: http://www.laurienadel.com/

Francis Burns gets a mention here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cotswold_Olimpick_Games


Be good - see you in a few weeks!





Check out this episode!


Nick, you sound fed up at minute - have a listen to your bud David Icke going on about Leon Britton, cover ups, france - will cheer you right up! He's on top form.


Cheers Nick!
Melissbian said…
Hullo! This is Melissbian (rhymes with "lesbian") from Twitter! I just did it! I went through all episodes of the CON, and have just competed my first of many initiations into the Cult of Nick. As dear Pope Bob said in "The Widow's Son," "Beyond a certain point, the whole universe becomes a continuous process of initiation." Thank you for adding an additional level to my personal, ongoing initiation.

I tried contacting you last night on the astral plane (though with an 8 hour time difference, it's very possible we missed each other completely, and I asked some other person about their childhood padlock code). I got in return the idea of 14 and of 1, though the 1 might have been the 1 in the 14. Hard to say. At any rate, that seems only a portion of a padlock code. Do I win?

I never did find that 50p piece...but I'm a bit far from anyone who uses them regularly, so I'm still looking.

Keep up the good work. Enjoy your holiday.

All Hail Eris!
HaydnBolt said…
http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p02gyz6b/adam-curtis-bitter-lake hope u watch this on your holiday then have a chat about it when you get back interesting stuff

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