The Paris Shootings

The so-called left wing in this country have pandered to the dogma of political correctness for so long there is now a generation who have been taught it's more important to hate speech than allow it to be free. This has been backed up by Her Majesty's Government who have pushed the idea that if someone offends you they ought to be to punished. I've been ranting and raving about what a huge mistake that is for the best part of the last decade. Watching the response of the 'robot radicals' was terrifying[1].

It's not often I'm personally abusive on Twitter and, in the event Lord Jones happens across my blog again (his last visit inspired him to block me, after he read this here) I apologise for my turn of phrase. In a sense I sympathise with Jones because he works as a prominent figure in the media so is likely to often be in newsrooms and other media "soft target" zones. Tweeting this kind of thing may be a result of the fear that causes.

Even the local radio station I work at has implemented additional security measures recently. There's a sense something big might happen in the UK soon. Hopefully not.
For those not yet aware, Police Scotland are the ones responsible for this sinister tweet:
I find it impossible to contend that these debates are not linked.

So far none of the above have answered my question. Some tweeters tried: "because people are real and Allah is not" was one and "just shoot this idiot" was another. How is Allah more or less real than the sense of being "offended" by something? Both exist as powerfully as the other, in the mind of the believer. Also, how does killing someone for saying something avenge the deaths of people who died trying to preserve the notion of free speech?

The hashtag #KillAllMuslims was trending. It got deleted. Presumably because we live in a society that hates speech rather than frees it.
The hash tag in question was likely trending because so many people were contributing to it to denounce it.

[1] A very old school Icke term, 'robot radicals'. Sums the likes of Lord Owen Jones up perfectly.


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